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50th holding of Association for Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), one of the world’s largest arts markets (Jan. 19-23, 2007)
 The 2007 Association for Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) arts market is being held in New York from January 19 to 23 and will gather presenters and artists from around the world. The 2007 conference is the 50th for APAP and as in recent years it will be attended by about 4000 participants over its 5-day run. This conference will feature 36 workshops, 350 performances, information rooms and over 1000 showcases, receptions and lunch meetings, as well as parties, forums and a conference for all the participants. Related programs will include a new play based on a Nobel prize-winning novel, and Japanese contemporary dance showcase at the Joyce Theater.
The arts market’s organizer, Association for Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) is an organization for arts presenters made up of presenter, artists and managers. Beginning in 1957 with its predecessor, the ACUCM, the name was changed to APAP in 1988. As of 2004, the association’s members include representatives of major arts organizations and individual professionals from the 50 US states and 15 countries overseas. It operates primarily on donations from US foundations for the arts and various supporting organizations. In Japan, APAP is best known for its arts market, but the association is also holds its yearly conferences and is involved in other activities including seminars on marketing, management and promotional programs, organizing conferences, promotions and workshops and publishing materials about the performing arts.
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