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Yukiko Motoya’s Sounan wins the 10th Tsuruya Nanboku Memorial Award
 Yukiko Motoya’s Sounan has been chosen as the winner of the Tsuruya Nanboku Memorial Award (Sponsored by Kobun Scheherazade Foundation with support from the Japan Playwrights Association) for the best new play staged in 2006. Sounan was performed in October, 2006, at the Aoyama Round Theater in Tokyo as a production of Theater Company Yukiko Motoya. This much talked about play takes as its setting the teachers’ room of a middle school, where the mother of a male student who has attempted to commit suicide comes everyday to grill the teachers about who is responsible. It is also the scene of escalating delusions and strange actions of one of the female teachers who received a letter from the student just before his suicide and a series of revelations about the darker sides of human relations. Now in its 10th holding, the Tsuruya Nanboku Memorial Award has been presented in the past to veteran playwrights like Ai Nagai, Hideki Noda, Koki Mitani, Hisashi Inoue, Yoji Sakate and Ren Saito, but this time’s winner Motoya is the youngest recipient ever, being born in 1979. As winner she receives a bronze trophy and 2 million yen.
The judges for this play award each year are active theater critics, and for this 10th holding the judges included Hiroko Yamaguchi (Asahi Newspaper), Toshihiko Ishiyama (Kyodo News Service, Isamu Takeshima (Tokyo Newspaper), Yoichi Uchida (Nikkei Newspaper), Yukihisa Oshima (Hochi Newspaper), Yutaka Takahashi (Mainichi Newspaper) and Tsuneo Kawamura (Yomiuri Newspaper).
+10th Tsuruya Nanboku Memorial Award
Winner: Yukiko Motoya’s Sounan (see Play of the Month)
+Works nominated at first selection level
Go Aoki’s Esperanto – A Night on a Student Trip for Teachers (see Play of the Month)
Oriza Hirata’s Seoul Shimin – Showa Bokyo-hen
Kinji Obata’s Kigeki no Tono-san