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Setagaya Public Theater announces 10th Anniversary Program
 The Setagaya Public Theater that this year celebrates the 10th anniversary of its opening in 2007 has come to be known as a leading theater on the performing arts scene for its programs in the area of foreign collaborations and introduction of foreign theater productions in Japan, as well as for its activities in the field of contemporary dance. Among the theater’s recently announced 10th anniversary programs begin with the Kyogen play Okina, Sanbaso by the Mansaku no Kai company, a re-staged production of AOI/KOMACHI, an adaptation of a traditional Noh play, a new play Kuninusubito based on Shakespeare’s Richard III and its fourth Kyogen Theater series and more. It is clearly a schedule focused with works combining the traditional and the contemporary in a style of the theater’s artistic director, the Kyogen actor Mansai Nomura. It has been decided that Nomura will continue in his position of artistic director for the next 5-year term.
+Setagaya Public Theater announces 10th Anniversary main programs (as of March, 2007)
Apr. 5-8: Okina, Sanbaso
Apr. 11-15: Contemporary Noh Plays I AOI/KOMACHI (written and directed by Takeshi Kawamura)
May 11-27: Death Variations (by Jon Fosse, directed by Antoine Caubet)
May 15, 19, 20: Nogaku Gendaikei Gekijoban@Setagaya (directed by Mansai Nomura)
June-July: Kuninusubito (adapted by Shoichiro Kawai from Shakespeare’s Richard III, directed by Mansai Nomura)
+Setagaya Public Theater