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JCDN Membership Dance File vol.6 released
JCDN Dance File
JCDN Dance File
The Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) is an NPO founded in 2001 that is dedicated to the mission of creating a link between dance and society and to that aim it engages in a variety of activities including creating a system for nationwide dance performance tours, supporting artists in the creation of new works, creating an overseas network, releasing information in the dance field, creating venues for the exchange of information and conducting surveys/research and promotional activities. These activities give JCDN an important role in Japan’s contemporary dance scene. Now the organization has released the latest edition of its booklet JCDN Dance File vol. 6 providing contact information about approximately 130 dance artists and companies, critics, theaters and other presenters. An English version has also been prepared to provide the latest information about Japan’s contemporary dance scene. It is also possible to receive free of charge the DVD edition “JCDN Membership Dance File vol. 5” produced each year in Japanese and English versions with video images and stage photographs of about 60 dance works. On its website, you will also find video clips of the performances of JCDN’s nationwide contemporary dance tour “Odori ni Ikuze!!” (We’re Gonna Go Dancing!!). Inquire at the addresses below to get these items.
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