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Restaging of the Yukio Ninagawa directed Kabuki theater NINAGAWA Twelfth Night (July 7-29, 2007)
 NINAGAWA Twelfth Night premiered in 2005 was director Yukio Ninagawa’s first attempt at directing a Kabuki cast. This production was restaged in June of 2007 at the Hakata-za theater in Fukuoka and in July it will be staged at the Kabuki-za theater in Tokyo. This work is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with the names of the characters changed to Japanese names in Chinese characters and elements of the traditional Japanese art of Kabuki introduced to create a rich fusion with the Western classic theater of Shakespeare. With the prominent young Kabuki star Kikunosuke Onoe heading the all-male Kabuki actors and Kabuki touches to the script and Kabuki musical accompaniment combining with harpsichord music, as well as creative stage art including use of a full stage of mirrors, this production has been the focus of great attention as a Kabuki staging of Shakespeare full of beauty drawing on the traditions of the East and West. Here an interview with Ninagawa after the premiere at this link. The following is the schedule for the 2007 revival.
+NINAGAWA Twelfth Night
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Translation: Yuji Odajima
Script: Toyoshige Imai
Director: Yukio Ninagawa
Stage art: Yuichiro Kanai
Lighting: Tamotsu Harada

Hakata-za NINAGAWA Twelfth Night
Dates: June 5-28, 2007
Day performance: from 11:00; Evening performance: from 4:30
Venue: Hakata-za, Fukuoka
July Kabuki-za NINAGAWA Twelfth Night
Dates: July 7-27, 2007
Day performance: from 11:00; Evening performance: from 4:30
Venue: Kabuki-za, Tokyo