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Artist interview collection from this website, Energizing Japanese Culture: The Performing Arts in Japan, released!
 Since going online in December 2004, this website, Japan Foundation’s “Performing Arts Network Japan” has posted a new interview with a Japanese artist each month. Taking the 30th update of website this summer as an appropriate occasion a collection of the first 30 artist interviews has been compiled into a book that is being published on October 10 from the publisher Suiyosha Inc. The contents of the interviews have been edited to some degree and the result is a collection that we believe presents a vivid cross-section of the depth and vitality of Japan’s contemporary culture and the great diversity of expression it encompasses, while also offering a definitive overview of what is happening in today’s performing arts scene. This book will be sold in bookstores throughout Japan. For orders or inquiries about this book from overseas, contact the editorial department of Performing Arts Network Japan at: (performingarts[a]
Energizing Japanese Culture
Energizing Japanese Culture: The Performing Arts in Japan
(Performing Arts ni miru – Nihonjin no Bunkaryoku)

Messages for the world from 30 leading artists in field ranging from the traditional Japanese arts to contemporary dance
Editorial Review: From the World Heritage traditional arts of Noh and Kabuki theater to Japanese traditional music, theater and contemporary dance, the performing arts of Japan today are world renowned for their diversity and depth of expression and living proof of the cultural dynamism of the Japanese. Here are in-depth interviews with 30 artists who speak to the world.

The artists (In order of appearance in the book)
Mansai Nomura/ Kazuyoshi Kushida/ Kojun Arai/ Oriza Hirata/ Hironori Naito/ Go Aoki/ Harue Yamagata/ Kazuki Nakashima/ Kim Ito/ Sakiko Oshima/ Toshie Tanaka/ Michiyo Yagi/ Norihiko Tsukuda/ Daisuke Miura/ Kanjuro Fujima/ Shigehiro Ide/ Ai Nagai/ Yukihiro Isso/ Yukichi Matsumoto/ Toshiki Okada/ Ikuyo Kuroda/ Yukio Ninagawa/ Shuichi Hidano/ Akaji Maro/ Ryohei Kondo/ Keishi Nagatsuka/ Yoshihiro Kurita/ Yoji Sakate/ Hiromitsu Agatsuma/ Jo Kanamori

Publisher: Suiyosha Inc.
Supervision: Japan Foundation
Editing: Institute for the Arts
Size: A5 size, 336 pages
Price: 2800 yen plus tax