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“Asia Contemporary Theater Project / The Future of Collaboration and Networks” performances and symposium (Mar. 16-21)
Mobile (2006)
Initiated in 2005 by Singapore’s Necessary Stage (artistic director: Alvin Tan), organizers of the Singapore Fringe Festival. Gathering sixteen theater artists from Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, the collaboration project has involved more than a year of research and workshops in the participating countries aimed at the creation of a stage production. The result of these efforts is a production titled “Mobile” that speaks to the issues of the movement and immigration in the words of emigrate workers and the NGO workers who help them, including people like Thai sex workers in Japan seeking citizenship for their illegitimate children, Philippine maids in Singapore and Japanese corporate employees sent to work in the Philippines. Following the production’s premiere at the Singapore Arts Festival in June of 2006 and performances in Malaysia, Mobile comes to Tokyo’s Setagaya Public Theatre (Theatre Tram) for performances beginning on March 16.
The current “Asia Contemporary Theater Project / The Future of Collaboration and Networks” program will include performances of this play Mobile as an invited production and an international symposium that will explore the subject of building infrastructure to support talented theater artists of Asia.
Until now, Japan Foundation has worked with the Setagaya Public Theatre to present a number of collaboration projects with artists from Southeast Asia, including Red Demon (Akaoni), Aida no Shima and Hotel Grand Asia. This latest project represents a culmination of these past efforts and an attempt to take such projects to the next level.
+Performances of Mobile
Mar. 16-18, 2007
Venue: Theatre Tram

Direction, composition: Alvin Tan (Singapore)

Written by Narumol Thammapruksa (Thailand) | Rody Vera (The Philippines) | Tatsuo Kaneshita (Japan) with Head Writer Haresh Sharma (Singapore)

Performed by Reina Kakudate (Japan) | Tetsuya Kataoka (Japan) | Rody Vera (The Philippines) | Mailes Angeles Kanapi (The Philippines) | Jarunun Phantachat (Thailand) | Narumol Thammapruksa (Thailand) | Pradit Prasartthong (Thailand) | Peter Sau (Singapore) | Elnie Mashari (Singapore)

Set Design by Vincent Lim (Singapore)

Lighting Design by Naomi Shoko Matsumoto (Japan)

Multimedia Design by Brian Gothong Tan (Singapore)

Choreography by Kuo Jing Hong (Singapore)
Project planning: Necessary Stage
+Symposium “The Future of Collaboration and Networks” (co-sponsorship by Japan Foundation)
Date: Mar. 19-21, 2007 Venue: Theatre Tram

First day (Mar. 19)
“Implementing Collaborations and Networks in Asia”

The symposium will look at the activities of the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), which has sparked the spread of educational theater in Asia in the 1980s and developed connections between the programs in each country. Reviews will also be made of the collaborative theater activities of Japan’s “Black Tent” theater, the activities of the Setagaya Public Theatre and the collaborative projects promoted by the Japan Foundation.

Second day (Mar. 20)
“Collaborative Productions and Infrastructure for International Exchange”

This symposium considers the question of what role festivals and arts markets have played as infrastructure for supporting collaborative production of contemporary theater and international exchange between nations and what kinds of role they can play in the future.

Third day (Mar. 21)
“Thinking about New Developments in Collaboration and Networks”

Based on the experience in the processes of past collaborations and the relationships between their participants, new types of collaborations and networks are developing. Reports will be made on such projects now in the works and what lies in the future.
+Setagaya Public Theatre
+The Necessary Stage