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Tokyo and Seoul performances (from Oct. 2007) of Performing Women –Reinterpreted from Greek Tragedy, a collaborative production between India, Iran, Uzbekistan and Japan produced as a project of the “Japan-India Exchange Year.”
Since the 1990s, the Japan Foundation has devoted concerted efforts to the planning and production of collaborative works with theater people from across Asia, and the fruits of these efforts have included the Singapore, Malaysia, Japan production Three Children (1992, jointly directed by Ong Keng Sen and Krishen Jit with cooperation by Kazuyoshi Kushida), the Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan production Lear (1997, written by Rio Kishida, directed by Ong Keng Sen) and the Thailand-Japan production Akaoni (Red Demon) (1999 premiere, written, directed and starring Hideki Noda). As the next of this series, a collaborative production between India, Iran, Uzbekistan and Japan of Performing Women –Reinterpreted from Greek Tragedy will be performed in Tokyo and Seoul this autumn.
Participating in the Performing Women trilogy are four directors known for their work in avant-garde theater in India, Iran and Uzbekistan. The trilogy is an omnibus type work compiled of material from the Greek Tragedies that deal with the theme of women. The first play is an adaptation of Medea directed by the Uzbekistan director Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli, the second play is an adaptation of Iocaste directed by the Iranian director Mohammad Aghebati and the third is Helene directed by the Indian director Abhilash Pillai and the play fragments are brought together with interludes by the female Indian director Anuradha Kapur Participating from Japan in the stage art department is the contemporary artists Daisuke Nakayama. Also, bringing the three plays together musically are Kazuki Kunihiro, known for his unique lyrics and vocals, and Reki Shibata.
This trilogy debuted in January 2007 at the New Delhi International Theater Festival as an opening highlight of the Japan-India Exchange Year. A half year later, a powered-up version will be performed at the Bunkamura Theater Cocoon in Tokyo in October and then tour to the Seoul Performing Arts Festival in South Korea.
In recent years, actively pursued international collaborations like these that transcend genre boundaries in the performing arts world are playing an important role in proposing new worldviews.
+Performing Women –Reinterpreted from Greek Tragedy
Directors: Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli (Part I)
Mohammad Aghebati (Part II)
Abhilash Pillai (Part III)
Anuradha Kapur (Interludes: connecting the 3 parts of the trilogy, directing)
Composing, vocals: Kazuki Kunihiro (Interludes, composing, vocals)
Reki Shibata (Interludes, vocals)
Stage art: Daisuke Nakayama

Japan performances
Dates: Oct. 6-8, 2007
*After the last performance on the 8th there will be a post performance talk.
Venue: Bunkamura Theater Cocoon (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Organizers: Japan Foundation, Bunkamura, Asahi Newspaper
South Korea
Dates: Oct. 13-14, 2007
Venue: Nam Mountain Drama Center (Seoul)
*Part of Seoul Performing Arts Festival

Concluded performances

Feb. 15, 2007 / Youth Spectators Theater (Tashkent)
*Only the Medea part of the trilogy performed
Jan. 7-8, 2007 / Abhimanch Auditorium, National School of Drama (New Delhi)
* Premiered at the NSD Indian Drama Festival