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Japan Foundation Sponsored Programs (2007-08)
 The following are performance programs that are being sponsored by the Japan Foundation in 2007 and early 2008. Updates will be made later for programs for which the dates and venues are not yet finalized.
+Shigeyama Kyogen European performances
Sennojo Shigeyama and Akira Shigeyama, artists of the Okura style of Kyogen, have given performances, lectures and workshops in various European venues. The plays performed were the traditional Boshibari and the new work Susugigawa. In Paris they performed Kotobanaki Koi, an adaptation of Becket’s Act without Words, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Becket.
Dates:Mar. 22-Apr. 15, 2007
Countries (cities): Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Germany (Cologne), France (Paris), Italy (Bologna, Rome)
+Japan-Malaysia Theater Project for the Handicapped performances of Kioku no Mori–Hutan Kenangan
Taihen in Malaysia Project is a project led by Manri Kim of the performance troupe Taihen that conducted several workshops with physically disabled people in Malaysia becoming actors for a performance of Kioku no Mori|Hutan Kenangan. It is a program that also celebrates the 50th anniversary diplomatic relations between Japan and Malaysia.
Dates:Apr. 6-8, 2007
Countries (cities): Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
+Matsumura-gumi Drum Performance Tour in S. Korea
This was a performance tour of South Korea by the Japanese drum troupe Matsumura-gumi. The Jeonju performances are part of the Jeonju Japan Week program.
Dates:May 18-24, 2007
Countries (cities): South Korea (Jeonju, Jeju)
+BATIK European Tour
The contemporary dance company BATIK gave a tour in Europe with performances at the Salamanca International Arts Festival and in the dance division of the Venice Biennale. “Focus on Japanese New Dance.” The works performed were Shoku and Flowers flow, Time congeals.
Dates:June 2-29, 2007
Countries (cities): Spain (Salamanca), United Kingdom (London), Italy (Venice, Rome), Denmark (Copenhagen)
+Asian Arts Mart 2007showcase performances
The Japanese Hogaku music group Crack Head was sent to give showcase performances at the Asian Arts Mart 2007 in Singapore (Dates: May 31-June 3).
Dates:June 2, 2007
Countries (cities): Singapore (Singapore)
+Chieko Fukuda Ensemble U.S. South Tour
The iiuta koto performer Chieko Fukuda and her 3-koto ensemble gave performances in The U.S. South and participated in the New Orleans Japan Fest.
Dates:June 9-14, 2007
Countries (cities): USA (New Orleans, Nashville, Jackson)
+Masahiro Nitta Shamisen Ireland Tour
This was a concert tour by Tsugaru shamisen performer Masahiro Nitta, the American guitarist Dean Magraw and Irish accordion player John Williams. At Donegal they were joined by the Irish percussionist Jim Higgins as well. This tour was part of programs celebrating the 50th anniversary of Japan-Ireland political relations.
Dates:June 14-18, 2007
Countries (cities): Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Buncrana)
+Hinokiya European Tour
The Japanese drum (wadaiko) group Hinokiya is touring Europe. The Belarus performances were part of the programs of the 15th anniversary of Japan-Belarus political relations celebrations.
Dates:June 18-July 7, 2007
Countries (cities): France (Lyon, Aix en Provence), Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia)
+Philippines, Singapore, Japan joint Tosca Project 2007 theater production, La Tosca
This is a joint production by the Philippine theater organization PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association), the Singapore company The Theatre Practice and the Japanese theater company Black Tent Theater. Based on the original play La Tosca by the French playwright Victorien Sardou, it is an attempt to create a Tosca of present-day Asia. Performances are planned in the Philippines, Singapore, China and South Korea.
Dates:Sept. 10-16, 2007
Countries (city): Japan (Tokyo)
+Hono-o-daiko Spain Tour
The 3-woman Japanese drum performance group “Hono-o-daiko” will tour five Spanish cities for performances. The tour will include outdoor performances in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona and workshops for children in Calanda. In Calella outside of Barcelona, the group will participate in the Asian Festival organized by the city of Calella in cooperation with Casa Asia.
Dates:Sept. 11-25, 2007
Countries (cities): Spain (Madrid, Zaragoza, Calanda, Barcelona, Calella)
+India, Iran, Uzbekistan and Japan collaborative production Performing Women
Four directors from India, Iran, Uzbekistan and Japan participate in this collaborative production, which is an omnibus type drama trilogy compiled of material from the Greek Tragedies that deal with the theme of women and set in the present day. The first play is an adaptation of Medea directed by the Uzbekistan director Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli, the second play is an adaptation of Iocaste directed by the Iranian director Mohammad Aghebati and the third is Helene directed by the Indian director Abhilash Pillai and the play fragments are brought together with interludes by the female Indian director Anuradha Kapur. Participating from Japan in the stage art department is the contemporary artists Daisuke Nakayama. Also, bringing the three plays together musically are Kazuki Kunihiro, known for his unique lyrics and vocals, and Reki Shibata. It will be performed in Tokyo (Oct. 6-8) and in the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (Oct. 13-14) this autumn.
Dates:Oct. 6-14, 2007
Countries (cities): Japan (Tokyo), S. Korea (Seoul)
+Seoul Arts Market showcase performances
Tie-up program of the Seoul and Tokyo Arts Markets.
Dates:Oct. 9-12, 2007
Countries (cities): South Korea (Seoul)
+Japanese Hogaku Music Latin America Tour
Twenty-five string koto performers Tomoya Nakai and Fumie Kunogi will give performances in programs commemorating the 110th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Mexico and 110th anniversary of the Japan-Chile Friendship Treaty.
Dates:Oct. 17-31, 2007
Countries (cities): Mexico, Dominican Rep., Chile
+BU-SHI-DO Eastern Europe Tour
A performance tour by the Japanese drum group BU-SHI-DO. It will participate in programs celebrating the 50th anniversary of the restoration of political relations between Japan and the Czech Rep. and Japan and Slovakia.
Dates:Oct.-Nov., 2007
Countries (cities): Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia.
+Japanese Hogaku Music concerts
Program of the 50th Anniversary of Japan-Libya Political Relations.
Dates:Oct.-Nov. 2007
Countries (cities): Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Libya
+Satoru Shionoya Electric Band Southeast Asia Tour
The pianist and keyboard artist Satoru Shionoya and his young fusion players of the Satoru Shionoya Electric Band will tour Southeast Asia performing jazz and fusion music. The performances will be part of the programs celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Japan-Thailand Friendship Treaty and the 50th anniversary of the Malaysia-Japan political relations.
Dates:Nov. 2007
Countries (cities): Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta)
+Hogaku (traditional Japanese music) tour in Mongolia
The nagauta vocal and shamisen unit “Den-no-kai” and the Okinawan shamisen and Yaeyama folk song group of Ara Yukito with Sunday toured Mongolia and performed the closing concert of the Japan in Mongolia Year program.
Dates:Dec. 17-22, 2007
Countries: Mongolia
+Exhibition commemorating 50 years of Japan-China Theater Exchange in Beijing
An exhibition reviewing 50 years of theater exchange between Japan and China was held at the Peking Opera Institute along with a panel discussion. The event was organized on cooperation with the Japanese organizing committee of the “50 years of Japan-China Theater Exchange Exhibition in Beijing.”
Dates:Jan. 6-10, 2008
Countries (cities): China (Beijing)
+APAP Hogaku Showcase
At the nationwide U.S. performing arts market of the APAP (Association for Performing Arts Presenters), hogaku showcases (Wariki, Yukihiro Goto+Akihito Obama) were held along with lectures, both organized in cooperation with the Asian Society. The performers also toured to Los Angeles for performances at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) and demonstrations at the University of Southern California.
Dates:Jan. 10-18, 2008
Countries (cities): USA (New York, Los Angeles)
+Hogaku performances in India and Indonesia
The hogaku artists Tenbi Fukui and Kazuhiro Fukui (Tsugaru shamisen), Yasukazu Kano (Shino flute, wadaiko drum) and Hiroko Suzuki (piano) toured India as part of the Japan-India Exchange Year. In Mumbai they participated in the Mumbai Festival. Kazuhiro Fukui also performed in Indonesia before touring India.
Dates:Jan. 18-Feb. 7, 2008
Countries (cities): India (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai), Indonesia (Jakarta, Makkasar)
+Edo marionette company “Youkiza” performs in Brazil
The Edo marionette company “Youkiza” toured Brazil with performance of a modern version of the drama Shinpan Utazaimon Nozakimura no Dan and Tsunayakata, while also holding workshops and giving demonstrations. This tour is part of the 2008 Japan-Brazil exchange year (celebrating the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil).
Dates:Feb. 10-Mar. 2, 2008
Countries (cities): Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Brasilia)
+Asia Contemporary Theater Project
In conjunction with the performances of collaborative theater works with Malaysia and Indonesia at the Setagaya Public Theatre (Break-ing with Malaysia, On-Off with Indonesia: Feb. 14-17), a workshop on collaboration methodology and seminar will be held.
Dates:Feb. 14-17, 2008
Countries (cities): Japan (Tokyo)
+Japanese “Wadaiko” drum performance in the Philippines
Performances of Japanese drumming are given by the winners of the Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest (Sept. 2007), Ryo Shiobara and the creative wadaiko (Japanese drum) group “Daida,” as the main attraction of a “Japanese Arts Festival.”
Dates:Feb. 21-27, 2008
Countries (cities): Philippines (Manila, Baguio)
+Bunraku tour in France
A Japanese Bunraku puppet theater group led by puppeteer Kanjuro
Kiritake toured France with performances of Ninin Sanbaso, Watashiba no Dan from the play Hidakagawa Iriaizakura and Kenshin no Yakata Okuniwa Kitsunebi no Dan from the play Honcho Nijushiko. At each performance venue, workshops will be given for children. This tour is part of celebrations of the 150th anniversary of trade relations between France and Japan.
Dates:Mar. 1-17, 2008
Countries (cities): France (Paris, Strasbourg)
+Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) 2008
Jointly organized with the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities (Chiiki Sozo) and the arts NPO PARC (Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication) this international arts market promotes information exchange and networking between domestic and foreign performing arts professionals. Held concurrently on March 3 to 5 will be an IETM satellite meeting.
Dates:Mar. 5-8, 2008
Countries (cities): Japan (Tokyo)
+Contemporary dance performances in China
In cooperation with the Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN), a “We’re Gonna Go Dancing! - In China” tour takes the JCDN’s popular domestic “We’re Gonna Go Dancing!” tour to China. Japanese dancers of the Ko & Edge Co. led by Ko Murobushi, Hiroyuki Miura and the Akamaru Kyujosho company will be joined by local Chinese artists. Lectures about Japanese contemporary dance and discussions will also be held.
Dates:Mar. 18-27, 2008
Countries (cities): China (Beijing, Guangzhou)
+Radio program introducing Japanese popular music
In cooperation with the Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC), radio programs named “Music Shinkansen” introducing Japanese popular music will be broadcast in China. (Shinkansen = New Main Line and also the Shinkansen “Bullet Train”)
Dates:Jan-Dec, 2007
Countries (cities): China
+TV program of Japanese pop music in the China’s interior regions
In cooperation with Japan’s NHK Enterprises of the national broadcaster, TV programs introducing Japanese popular music under the title “Music Stories in Japan” will be broadcast in China’s interior regions. The programs will be part of the Japan-China Culture and Sports Exchange Year.
Dates:Jan-Dec, 2007
Countries (cities): China (Inner Mongolia, etc.)
+Radio program introducing Japanese popular music
Centered mainly on Japanese popular music, radio programs introduction Japanese language and culture are being produced. The programs will be broadcast throughout Indonesia via tie-ups with some 100 AM and FM radio stations. The programs will be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia.
Dates:Jan-Dec, 2008
Countries: Indonesia