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Renewal for “AIR Japan,” the Japanese artist-in-residence program information website
 In recent years there has been an increase in the number of “artist in residence” (AIR) programs that allow artists in the formative arts and increasingly in the performing arts, such as dance and theater, to study in a foreign or new environment for a period of time and acquire new knowledge or work on creative activities as a means to nurture talent and encourage exchange. In 2002, Japan Foundation conducted an extensive survey of the AIR programs available in Japan and launched a website to disseminate that information.
Recognizing the changing conditions of AIR programs and the increasing number of artistic fields in which such programs are available, we have conducted another survey and, based on the results, a complete renewal of the original website has been completed with the newly acquired information.
The AIR Japan website now provides not only full coverage of information about artist-in-residence programs but also supplies a comprehensive network of related site links for information about Japanese culture and features like interviews of AIR program representatives. In this way the site becomes a broad-ranging source of information about the various arts and culture of Japan.
+Japan's AIR Programs (English)