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Performing Arts Professional Invitations (through Aug. 2007)
 The following are the performing arts professionals and cultural figures who will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation according to plans for the first half of 2007 (as of July 30).

[Cultural Figures, Short term]

Invited: Mr. Arak Sunghitakun
Nationality: Thailand
Present Position: Director, the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture
Japan visit dates: Aug. 20-26
Purpose of visit: Exchanging opinions with people in the arts and cultural fields, visiting museums and other cultural facilities, tour institutions involved in the preservation of cultural assets (such as paintings)

Invited: Prof. Hermas Mwansoko
Nationality: United Republic of Tanzania
Present Position: Director of Culture Development, Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports
Japan visit dates: Sept. 2-16
Purpose of visit: To experience a wide range of Japanese culture from the traditional to the contemporary and build good relations with representatives of the Japanese cultural field while exchanging opinions with people in Japan who are interested in Tanzania and Tanzanian arts and culture figures who are active in Japan concerning the state of cultural exchange between Tanzania and Japan

Invited: Ms. Amuna Kusumo
Nationality: Indonesia
Present Position: Director, Kelola Foundation
Japan visit dates: Sept. 25-Oct. 9 (planned)
Purpose of visit: To meet and network with people on the Japanese performing arts and arts management fields

Invited: Mr. Michael Chase
Nationality: France
Present Position: Administrator, Theatre de la Ville, Paris
Japan visit dates: Oct. 24-Nov. 14 (planned)
Purpose of visit: To exchange opinions with representatives of the culture and arts fields concerning artistic exchange between Japan and France and inspection of the present state of Japanese performing arts