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Hideo Tsuchida’s “it is said the men are over in The Steel Tower” opens in New York on March 2nd
 The New York-based presenter Theatre Arts Japan (Representative: Eriko Ogawa) will present a production of the play “it is said the men are over in The Steel Tower” by Hideo Tsuchida, leader of the Kyoto small-theater company Gekidan MONO for a run at New York’s TBG Theater from March 2 to 18. The production is directed by an American director using American actors.
Theatre Arts Japan in a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of mutual exchanges between Japan and the U.S. by presenting Japanese contemporary theater and supporting communication through international exchanges and overseas tours of theater productions. The organization has presented a drama reading series on the theme of “The Japanese and War” featuring works like Kobo Abe’s Seifuku (Uniform) and Oriza Hirata’s Seoul Shimin (Citizens of Seoul) in readings by American actors. And, to encourage further exchange beyond just viewing of performances, they have also organized workshops and discussion events.
“it is said the men are over in The Steel Tower” is a work that drew great attention initially through this reading series and the current production is the product of approximately one year of collaborative translation, adaptation and workshops involving Tsuchida, Gekidan MONO, TAJ and New York’s woken' glacier theatre company since 2005 to prepare for a full-fledge production.
The Steel Tower is a satirical comedy that begins with a situation where a comedian group called the Comic Men that have been entertaining the troops at a military base slip away before the start of a big anti-guerilla military sweep and are followed by four deserters who join them in hiding out in a steel tower in the forest. In this production, several efforts have been make to preserve the setting of the original, such as retaining the Japanese names for the characters. The stage art is done by the Kisaku Ito Prize-winning Japanese artist Tomoyuki Ikeda, who has stayed in New York for the creation of the set. The director is Ronit Muszkatblit of woken' glacier.
+Performance outline
Dates: March 2 to 18 (15 performances)
Venue: TBG Theater (312 West 36th St, 3rd Fl., New York, NY 10018)
Playwright: Hideo Tsuchida of Gekidan MONO
Director: Ronit Muszkatblit of woken' glacier theater company
Translation from the original: M. Cody Poulton (original title “The Happy Lads”)
Stage adaptation: Matthew Paul Olmos of woken' glacier theater company
Stage design: Tomoyuki Ikeda

*There will be related events featuring Tsuchida and members of Gekidan MONO
Mar. 16: Gala Reception
Mar. 17: Panel Discussion “About Plays in Translation”
Mar. 18: Panel Discussion “Differences in Theater Performances between Japan and the U.S.”
+Theatre Arts Japan