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Productions of Trance, written and directed by Shoji Kokami with a British cast will be held at London’s Bush Theatre (June 6-30, 2007)
 This will be the first overseas English-language performance of Trance, a play by Shoji Kokami, the playwright and director of the company of Daisanbutai (the Third Stage) who is known along with Hideki Noda as one of the leaders of the third generation of playwrights in Japan’s “small theatre” movement and he now leads his own theatre unit KOKAMI@network from which he introduces his latest works. In this tree-person play three former high school classmates are reunited and proceed to talk about their personal troubles and in the process deals with current Japanese social problems like sexual identity, sexual orientation disorder and the Imperial system. The cast has not been decided but the play will be directed by Kokami himself using local British actors.
+the Bush Theatre