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South Korea’s performing arts festival season begins
 Beginning with the Seoul Theater Festival that concluded on May 19, the season from May to July brings a number of annual performing art festivals in South Korea. Below are the major festivals upcoming.
+Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival 2007
Dates: May 24-June 1, 2007
Venue: ARKO Art Theatre, Korea Foundation Cultural Center
Planning: International Performing Arts Project (IPAP)
Now in its seventh holding, the Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival is an open festival that all dancers can participate in. There are 50 officially invited artists this year from S. Korea and seven foreign countries and some 200 dancers will be performing in an exciting schedule of programs. In addition to these performances, educational programs like an improvisational dance program for young people and children will also be offered.

May 24 Pre-opening events
Improvisation jam session
70-minute theme relay improvisation performances, etc.
May 25 Opening, improvisation performances
May 26 Crossover improvisation performances
Young people’s improvisation workshop
Family improvisation workshop
May 27 Children’s improvisation workshop, etc.
May 28 Themed group improvisation performances, etc.
May 29 Holland and Korea improvisation performances, etc.
May 30 120-minute relay improvisation performances, etc.
May 31 Contact improvisation performances, etc.
June 01 Eight-hour improvisation dance “nanjan” jam
+Chunchen International Mime Festival 2007
Dates: May 27-June 3
Venue: Mime House, Chunchen Culture & Arts Center, Chunchen City, etc.
Organizers: Chunchen International Mime Festival (Inc.), Korea Mime Association, Chunchen MBC
Held in Chunchen, about an hour ride from Seoul and now a famous tourist stop popularized by the “Winter Sonata” drama series, the Chunchen International Mime Festival has been organized since 1989 as a festival of mime and physical theater that people of all ages from children to adults can enjoy. This year’s theme is ‘New Circus’ and the program includes eight days of a variety of performances around the town night and day. Joining 80 groups from Korea are 13 performance groups from Taiwan, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, America, Italy, India, Japan, Australia and Canada.

Official invited works, outdoor performances, Asian movements, Korean mime performances, Dokkebi Award project performances, free participation performances, amateur participation performances, Crazy Wednesday Festival, Dokkebi Nanjang, artist flea market, workshops, etc.
During the festival a direct train Dokkebi Train will run from Seoul’s Chongnyangni to Dokkebi
+1st Daegu International Musical Festival
Dates: May 20 – July 2
Venue: Daegu Opera House, etc.
Organizers: Daegu City
The Daegu International Musical Festival is being held for the first time this year as a gathering of people involved in musicals from Korea and around Asia and for students hoping to become involved in musicals. This new festival reflects the current boom in popularity of musicals in Korea. Attention is also focused on the “National University Student Musical Festival” that is being held concurrently for aspiring young musical artists.
+The 26th International Modern Dance Festival
Dates: June 1-12
Venue: ARKO Arts Theatre, etc.
Organizers: MODAFE, Korean Modern Dance Association
The International Modern Dance Festival now in its 26th holding, is one of South Korea’s two major dance festivals. This year’s theme is ‘Dance Vista’ – Body, Philosophy, Movement, Live’ and the program will present 21 new works.

Opening Performance
[France] Josef Nadj, performing Pousserier de Soliel, June 1-2
Invited foreign productions
[UK] Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion Both Sitting Duet June 4-5
[Canada] Benoit Lachambre Delire Defait June 7-8
[Belgium] Zoo Dance Company Modify June 8-9
[Japan] Takao Kawaguchi, performing D.D.D., June 9-10
International Collaboration
[Korea/France] Kim Hee-Jin + Ludovic Galvan Memory Cell June 4-6
[Korea/Japan] Kim Sung-Yong Don’t (with shadow) June 4
[Korea/US] Park Young-Jun+ Johnny Kwon Dreaming Bodies June 4
+Festivals already ended
[Theater] 2007 Seoul Theater Festival   May 2-19
This is the successor to the theater festival held at the Korean National Theater in 1977 and it is in its 28thholding this year. It is a festival in which the theater people of Seoul compete to present the most exciting productions at theaters around the city.
[Theater] 2007 Busan International Performing Arts Festival   May 5-15
This year’s festival theme was “Revisiting the Classics!” and the schedule featured productions by 18 companies from eight countries, including Korea, Germany, Russia, America, Japan and France, and the focus was on the world classics of drama and literature.
[Performance] 6th Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival   May 11-27
The Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival is a festival that brings together performance works in which music is a major component. This year there were 10 invited productions from six countries. During the festival run there were also concerts, showcases and free outdoor performances, in the citizen-participation style that the festival has become known for.