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Japan Society 100th Anniversary 2007-2008 program “Turning Japanese” starts
 Founded in 1907 as a private-sector non-profit organization, the Japan Society has continued to engage in activities in the fields of arts and culture, education and international exchange with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and exchange between Japan and the United States.
The Society’s performing arts department launched in 1953 has presented to the American audience a wide range of traditional Japanese arts, including such renowned performers as the Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando, the Noh actor Hideo Kanze, the Kyogen actor Mansaku Nomura, the composer Toru Takemitsu and the Butoh artist Kazuo Ono, as well as works of contemporary theater, dance and music. Presently the Society continues to present approximately 40 productions a year at its theater facility as well as organizing performance tours around the U.S.
In 2007 the Japan Society celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special program of events (Jan. 2007 to June 2008) with a large number of invited artists from Japan. There is also a program of performances selected to show how modern and contemporary artists of America have been inspired and influenced by Japanese performing arts and incorporated elements of those arts in their own art. Also, this autumn sees the start of a series titled “Turning Japanese: The Japanese Influence in New York. ” To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Japan Society, programs dealing with Japan will be held at seven major theaters and cultural centers around New York.
+Japan Society 100th Anniversary 2007-2008 program

Sep 13-25, 2007
Japan Society commissioned work
Basil Twist’s Dogugaeshi

The puppet artist Basil Twist has created a work titled Dogugaeshi that is inspired by the traditional puppet theater of Awa in Japan’s Tokushima Prefecture. It debuted in Nov. 2004 and is a winner of the Bessie Award.

Oct. 11-27, 2007
Kazuo Ohno 101: 3-Week Butoh Parade

This three-week festival celebrates the 101st birthday of Kazuo Ohno. The festival will include performances by artists of the first generation of butoh artists, such as Yoshito Ohno, Akaji Maro/Kochuten, Akira Kasai and Eiko & Koma. There will also be performances of new works by young American dancers who create and perform butoh works. It will be held concurrently with the 3rd New York Butoh Festival. During the festival there will be film showings, symposiums photo exhibitions and more.

December 13-15, 2007
Harry Partch’s Delusion of the Fury

This is a 1969 work by Harry Partch, who stands alongside John Cage as one of the leading postwar American composers. The performance is a recreated version incorporating total theater elements inspired by the Noh. For this production McArthur “Genius” award winning playwright and director John Jesurun is joined by Dean Drummond of the studio of music director and conductor Harry Partch.
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