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Now accepting applications for participation in the 2008 Tokyo Performing Arts Market
 Launched in 1995 with the aim of becoming a distribution hub for Asian performing arts, the Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) will be held for the 12th time in 2008 (Mar. 5-8, 2008). This time, prior to the holding of TPAM2008, an Asian satellite meeting of the largely European and North American IETM contemporary performing arts international network conference will be held as a joint “IETM@TPAM” conference (Mar. 3-5, 2008). TPAM is now accepting applications for participation in TPAM2008 by presenters and artists. Applications can be made online. Application pages are available for the following categories on the TPAM home page.
+Application categories
Booth Exhibitors
Booth exhibits for approx. 3 hours a day for the three days of Mar. 6 to 8 (planned)
Visual Presenters
Presentations of works for foreign and domestic presenters of works (simultaneous interpretation available)
TPAM Show cases *For domestic performances
Register for full-fledged performances or studio performances as TPAM showcases at venues in the Tokyo area during the period from Mar. 1 to 9. Notice of the performances will be made to all TPAM participants.
Visitor registration
Full pass for the four days.
+Event outline
Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008
Dates: Mar. 5-8, 2008
IETM@TPAM IETM Satellite Meeting
Dates: Mar. 3-5, 2008
Venue: Ebisu Garden Hall / Rooms
Tokyo Performing Arts Market Office
Tel: (+81 0)3-5724-4660 / Fax: (+81 0)-5724-4661