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Minoru Betsuyaku’s play “The Elephant” to be playread in New York (Feb. 11, 2008)
 Crossing Jamaica Avenue, a theater group in New York, is doing a playreading of Minoru Betsuyaku’s play “The Elephant” (translated by Roger Pulvers) at the New York Theater Workshop on East 4th St.
The reading will take place on Monday Feb. 11, starting at 7:30. The person behind the reading is theater director Sonoko Kawahara.
This is a great chance for New Yorkers to come into contact with what is arguably Betsuyaku’s greatest play. “The Elephant” is about hibakusha (Atomic Bomb Survivors) and how they were treated after the war.
The first production of the play in Roger Pulvers’ translation took place in 1975 at the Mercury Theater in Auckland, New Zealand, directed by Tony Richardson.
+Information about the playreading can be found at: