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2007 Asahi Performing Arts Awards Grand Prix goes to THE BEE by Hideki Noda in collaboration with an Irish playwright Colin Teevan
 The 2007 winners have been announced for the 7th Asahi Performing Arts Awards (sponsor: Asahi Shimbun), the coveted awards given for the year’s outstanding artists and works in theater, dance and the other performing arts. The Grand Prix was given to THE BEE, a play by Hideki Noda in collaboration with a Irish playwright based on the short story Mushiriai by Yasutaka Tsutsui. This is the English version of the play that premiered in London in 2006 with Hideki Noda directing and acting (a greatly revised Japanese version with a Japanese cast including Noda was presented along with the London version at Tokyo’s Theatre Tram in 2007). This play also won the Grand Prize, Best Play award of the Yomiuri Shimbun sponsored 15th Yomiuri Theater Awards, making it one of the most prominent plays of 2007. The other winners of the Asahi Performing Arts Awards are listed below.
Grand Prix—Best Stage of the Year
THE BEE (Japan version, London version) (NODA MAP production, based on a short story by Yasutaka Tsutsui, written by Hideki Noda with Colin Teevan, directed by and starring Hideki Noda)
Performing Arts Awards
Given to artists and companies for showing remarkable achievements in 2007.
• Tojuro Sakata, Kabuki actor
• Motoko Hirayama, dancer, choreographer
• Yukio Horio, stage artist
• Asami Maki, choreographer
• Takako Matsu, actor
Terayama Shuji Award
Commemorating the life of achievement of the late Shuji Terayama, this award is given to promising new individual artists and companies showing fresh talent who will lead the next generation.
• Yukiya Kitamura, actor
Akimoto Matsuyo Award
Commemorating the life of achievement of the late Akimoto Matsuyo, this award is given to works, individual artists and companies bringing productions of great artistic and entertainment value in theater.
• Koki Mitani, playwright, director
Special Award
Given to individuals and companies for long years’ noteworthy achievement.
• Umenosuke Nakamura, Director of Zenshinza Theater Company, actor
Kirin Dance Support Award
An award supported by the Kirin Brewing Co. and given to outstanding works of dance presented within the previous year.
• Motoko Hirayama, dancer, choreographer