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52nd Kishida Kunio Drama Award given to Shiro Maeda’s Ikiterumono ha Inainoka
 The Kishida Kunio Drama Award is known in Japan as the steppingstone to recognition for contemporary playwrights (organized by Hakusuisha). The winner of the 52nd Kishida Award is Shiro Maeda for his play Ikiterumono ha Inainoka (Is There Anyone Alive?).
Born in 1977, Shiro Maeda started the theater company Gotanda-dan while a student at Wako University and began his career as a writer and director. He has been nominated for the Kishida Award three successive years for the plays Iya mushiro Wasuretegusa, Kyabetsu no Tagui and Sayonara Boku no Chiisana Meisei. The award-winning Ikiterumono ha Inainoka is a work created in a workshop format with actors selected by audition. With a surrealistic setting in which people die one after another with no visible cause, the play depicts an aspect of contemporary life in which people drudge on through their lives but, nonetheless, with sincerity and diligence.
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