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English version of THEATER IN JAPAN: An Overview of Performing Arts and Artists published
The Japan Foundation has recently published the English edition of its publication THEATER IN JAPAN: An Overview of Performing Arts and Artists.
This collection consists of two parts. The first presents commentary on the latest developments of the Japanese contemporary performing arts scene, while the second part focuses primarily on the representative small-theater drama of Japan’s contemporary theater scene, as well as introductions of companies in genre such as puppet theater and performance. Details are as follows.
Since 1989, the Japan Foundation has been publishing English-language handbooks and CD-ROMs introducing Japan’s performing arts to the foreign audience on an ongoing basis. The books published until now in this series include an introduction to theater and dance artists titled Theater Japan (1989, 1993), an overview of contemporary theater, contemporary dance, butoh, contemporary music and popular music titled Performing Arts Now in Japan (1995), an introduction to the latest trends in performing arts and the artists of the contemporary theater, contemporary dance and traditional Japanese music (Hogaku) titled Performing Arts in Japan 2003 (2003) and an introduction to the younger generation of Hogaku artists titled Performing Arts in Japan: Traditional Music Today (2005) among others. And, from 2004, Japan Foundation has been presenting information about the artists of Japan’s contemporary performing arts to a large international audience via this Performing Arts Network Japan website.
THEATER IN JAPAN: An Overview of Performing Arts and Artists and Performing Arts in Japan: Traditional Music Today will be available at arts markets both in Japan and abroad and plans call for their contents to be added to this website’s archive in the near future. If you wish to acquire these publications, please contact us at the address below.

*Please be informed that the former service of free distribution of this book has been ended.

Errors have occurred regarding our recent publication THEATER IN JAPAN—An Overview of Performing Arts and Artists. We sincerely apologize for the following errors and any inconvenience this has caused our readers.
May 2008
The Japan Foundation

Page 49: Tengai AMANO’s “Yaji Kita” Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san
[Error] First staged by: Shonen Oja Kan
[Correct] First staged by: KUDAN Project

Page 80: Stage Photo must be corrected on Akio MIYAZAWA’s “Entrance to New Town” Nyutaun iriguchi
Original title: Nyûtaun iriguchi
English title: Entrance to New Town
Entrance to New Town
Photo: Ariga Ketsu
+THEATER IN JAPAN: An Overview of Performing Arts and Artists – Contents
Part I
Overview of Performing Arts in Japan/ Latest Trends in Each Genre

Overview of Performing Arts in Japan
_ Trends in Cultural Policies Concerning International Exchange in Performing Arts
_ Current Status and Trends in Private-Sector Support for the Arts and Culture
_ The Latest Trends in Public Theaters and Concert Halls
_ Trends in Performing Arts Presenters and Arts NPOs
_ Invigorating the Performing Arts Through Visiting Productions and Taking Japanese Productions Overseas
_ Arts Management Education in Universities
_ Performing Arts in Japan on the Internet

Latest Trends in Each Genre
_ Small Theater (Shogekijo) Movement: Background and Recent Trends
_ The Most Recent Trends in Contemporary Dance
_ The Latest Trend of Kabuki, No, and Bunraku, Japan’s Traditional Performing Arts
_ Contemporary Rendition of Traditional Styles of Japanese Music (Hogaku)

Part II
Artist/Company Profiles

_ Contemporary Theater
_ Puppet Theater
_ Performance Art
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