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New National Theatre, Tokyo, 2008/2009 Season Lineup announced
 New National Theatre, Tokyo, has announced 2008/2009 season lineup.
In his second season as artistic director of the theater division, director Hitoshi Uyama has chosen to present Aya no Tsudumi and Yoroboshi from Yukio Mishima’s Modern Noh Plays to carry on the focus on modern theater which has characterized the New National Theatre’s programming since it opened. Chosen to direct these two plays are Shiro Maeda of the Gotanda-dan, who won this year’s Kishida Drama Award, and Shigefumi Fukatsu of the Toenkai who won high acclaim for his directing of Kunio Kishida’s play Doin Sowa at the New National Theatre, as a contemporary director presenting two plays simultaneously. As part of the ongoing 2007/08 season “Series: Our Contemporary” the focus is on noted overseas contemporary artists, with two works chosen from Germany and one from Ireland to be directed in translation in search of new possibilities by young directors born in the 1970s, including Yutaka Kuramochi of Penguin pull pale piles, Takahiro Tamura of ONEOR8 and Toshiki Okada of Chelfitsch. Also there will be performance of the new contemporary play by Yoji Sakate based on the Noh play Nue and titled Contemporary Noh Play—Nue to be directed by Hitoshi Uyama.

New National Theatre later 2007/2008 season lineup (to July, 2008)

Joint Japan-Korea performances of Yakiniku Dragon
Dates: Apr. 17-27, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, Tokyo, The Pit
Play by: Chong Wishing     Directed by: Yang Jung Ung/Chong Wishing

*Korea performances (Dates: May 20-25, 2008 / Venue: Seoul Arts Center, Korea)

A Japanese Named Otto
Dates: May 27-Jun.8, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, Playhouse
Play by: Junji Kinoshita     Directed by: Hitoshi Uyama

“Series: Our Contemporary” Collaborations between Young Playwrights and Veteran Directors
· Vol. 1: Choukanzu
    Dates: Jun. 11-28, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
    Play by: Satoshi Hayafune     Directed by: Yuko Matsumoto
· Vol. 2: Majiriaukoto, Kierukoto
    Dates: Jun. 27-Jul. 6, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
    Play by: Shiro Maeda     Directed by: Akira Shirai
· Vol. 3: Mahoroba
    Dates: Jul. 14-21, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
    Play by: Ryuta Horai     Directed by: Tamiya Kuriyama

2008/2009 season lineup (Sep. 2008-Jul. 2009)

Modern Noh Plays, Aya no Tsudumi, Yoroboshi
Dates: Sep.-Oct. 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
Play by: Yukio Mishima
Directed by: Shiro Maeda (Aya no Tsudumi), Atsushi Fukatsu (Yoroboshi)

I Giganti della montagna
Dates: Oct.-Nov. 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, Playhouse
Play by: Luigi Pirandello     Translation by: Minoru Tanokura     Directed: Georges Lavaudant

Illusion Comic
Dates: Dec. 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, Playhouse
Play by: Pierre Corneille     Translation by: Hiroshi Ito     Directed by: Uyama Hitoshi

“Series: Our Contemporary” (Foreign)   Vol. 1: Die Frau von früher (Germany)
Dates: Mar. 2009     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
Play by: Roland Schimmelpfenning     translation by: Tadashi Otsuka
Directed by: Yutaka Kuramochi

“Series: Our Contemporary” (Foreign)   Vol.2: Shoot the Crow (UK)
Dates: Apr. 2009     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
Play by: Owen McCafferty     Directed by: Takahiro Tamura

“Series: Our Contemporary” (Foreign)   Vol.3: Tatowierung (Germany)
Dates: May 2009     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
Play by: Dea Loher     Translation by: Reiko Miwa     Directed by: Toshiki Okada

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Venue: New National Theatre, Playhouse     Play by: William Shakespeare
Translation by: Kazuko Matsuoka     Directed by: John Caird

Dates: Jul. 2009     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
Play by: Yoji Sakate     Directed by: Hitoshi Uyama
+Contemporary Dance
The new season works for the annual gDance Exhibitionh series adopts the theme of “Dance Meets Music” and presents six works that deal directly with the relationship of dance and music and also the use of video in dance works. It is a collaborative program that brings together prominent contemporary artists with highly diverse styles. The schedule calls for new works to be introduced by Kaiji Moriyama in Feb. 2009 and Jo Kanamori in June 2009.

2008/2009 season lineup (Sep. 2008- Jul. 2009)

DANCE EXHIBITION 2008 —Dance meets Music—
[Program A] Dates: Sep, 6-8, 2008     Venue: New National Theatre, The Pit
· Co. Un Yamada + musicians (dance to live music)
· Hiroaki Umeda Accumulated Layout (light and dance)
· Kazuyuki Futami, Dance Company Kaleidoscope (video and dance)
[Program B] Dates: Sep, 13-16, 2008
· Yui Kawaguchi, REM – The Black Cat (video and dance)
· Kaori Kagaya + musicians (dance to live music)
· Yukio Ueshima, Ueshima theatre (danceable work mainly for male dancers)

New Piece with Ancient Music “The Rite of Spring”
Classical Music and Stravinsky Kuniko Kisanuki + Motoko Hirayama (tentative title)

Dates: Nov, 15-16, 2008
· Title undecided
    Choreography: Kuniko Kisanuki
· Rite of Spring
    Choreography: Motoko Hirayama, Masahiro Yanagimoto     Music: I. Stravinsky

Dance Planet No. 29Moriyama Kaiji     DANCE SELECTION (tentative title)
Dates: Feb.9-15, 2009
· Yoroboshi (revised version)
    Performers: Kaiji Moriyama, Kaori Kagaya, Reijiro Tsumura     Music: Yasuhiro Kasamatsu
    Flute: Dougen Kinowaki
    Dancers: Kaiji Moriyama, Reijiro Tsumura     Music: Gou Taneda
· Kuruisoro *New solo work
    Dancer: Kaiji Moriyama     Music, percussion: YAS-KAZ

Joint production with Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center
Jo Kanamori Noism09
Dates: June 17-21, 2009
Direction, choreography: Jo Kanamori (details of work undecided)
+New National Theatre, Tokyo
Opened in 1997 with a different focus from the National Theater that concentrates on traditional arts of Kabuki and music, the New National Theatre, Tokyo is a comprehensive arts facility designed for performances of the contemporary arts of opera, ballet, dance and theater. It features an opera theater, a mid-sized theater (Playhouse) and a small theater (The Pit). In July of 2007, Hitoshi Uyama took over the art directorship from Tamiya Kuriyama as the theater’s second artistic director. The artistic director for the theater’s ballet and dance department is Asami Maki and for the opera department the artistic director is Hiroshi Wakasugi.