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Yuichiro Kanai wins 35th Itoh Kisaku Theater Designer Award
      The winners have been decided for the 35th Itoh Kisaku Theater Designer Awards of the Japan Association of Theatre Designers and Technicians for outstanding stage design during the year from January to December 2007. The “Itoh Kisaku Award” grand prize went to Yuichiro Kanai for his design of the set for the Shochiku production of Tsukigami (Sept. 2007 / Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre) based on the popular novel by Jiro Asada. For this play about low-ranked samurai during the Tokugawa reign of the Edo Period (1603 – 1867) who battle against gods of poverty and pestilence whose curse they believe themselves to be under, Kanai’s highly acclaimed set employed two revolving discs to enable speedy scene changes and action. Having studied at the New York Metropolitan Opera, Kanai is now president of the Kanai Scene Shop Co., Ltd. producing many sets for Kabuki and commercial theater productions. In 2005 he won the Best Staff award of the Yomiuri Theater Awards for his work for the premiere performance of director Yukio Ninagawa’s production NINAGAWA Twelfth Night.

Itoh Kisaku Award
Yuichiro Kanai
For the set of the Shochiku production of Tsukigami

Rookie Designer Award
Masako Fujino
For costumes for the Piccolo Theater Company’s production Tonde Songoku

Encouragement Prize
Tsutomu Uchiyama
For the set of the Osaka Theater Company’s production Namida no Tani, Ginga no Oka

Special Award
Seiichi Kanda
Nagoya-based maker of wigs and hairdos for Japanese dance and theater
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