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DVD box “Shogo Ota Selected Theatre Works” released; plays of the late master of silent theater
Shogo Ota Selected Theatre Works
Kyoto Performing Arts Center has released a DVD box containing video recordings of six plays by the late Shogo Ota, who passed away in July 2007. Also in this collection titles “Shogo Ota Selected Theatre Works” is a recording of an interview with the playwright. This collection of performances of representative works like Mizu no Eki (English title: The Water Station) will surely prove to be a valuable video record of the career of Shogo Ota, a playwright and director whose “silent (wordless) theatre” works brought international attention to Japanese avant-garde theater.
*This box set is sold out.
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Kyoto Performing Arts Center
+The selected plays
Komachi Fuden (English title: The Tale of Komachi Told by the Wind) (with English subtitles), a representative work that won the Kishida Drama Award
Mizu no Eki (English title: The Water Station), a “silent theater” work performed in over 200 re-productions. The first of Ota�fs “Station” series
Sarachi (Vacant Lot) (with English subtitles), a two-person play for Kyoko Kishida and Tetsuya Segawa
Suna no Eki (The Sand Station), a Japan-Germany collaborative work
Element, a never-before-released video
Kikoeru, Anata? – fuga #3 (Can You Hear? - fuga #3), from the Theater Arts Research Center experimental performance series

Produced by Kyoto Performing Arts Center/University of Art and Design; KAZUMO Co., Ltd.