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“Japanese Festival” at the 75th American Dance Festival (ADF) (June 5 to July 20, 2008)
 The American Dance Festival (ADF) stands at the forefront of US dance festivals both in terms of scale and its long and proud history. The program for this year’s 75th holding of the festival boasts 11 newly commissioned works among a schedule of 60 performances by 37 companies or groups. One of the centers of focus is this year’s special “Japanese Festival” program. This program includes the July 16-17 premiere of the new ADF commissioned work “Secrets of Mankind” choreographed and directed by the leader of the Dairakudakan butoh company, Akaji Maro, in collaboration with the American dance musician Robert Kaplan with dancers chosen from local auditions. There will also be a premiere of the new Kochuten work …gosh, I am alive… (choreographed and directed by Takuya Muramatsu), performed by butoh dancers from Dairakudakan. Also on the schedule are Shinju ten no Amijima, a solo choreographed and performed by Teruko Fujisato; Against Newton 2 (choreographed by Takiko Iwabuchi) performed by Dance Theatre LUDENS; Shinji Nakamura’s Circus performed by Natural Dance Theatre and Woman Washing Rice choreographed and performed by Kei Takei.
Besides performances, there is a full educational schedule including a 6-week school for dancers and choreographers, a 4-week school for teens, workshops for professionals and lectures for audience education.

[About the Festival] The original American Dance Festival (ADF) was organized by the Bennington School of Dance founded in Vermont in 1934 by dancers of the so-called 2nd generation of American modern dance, including Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. It continued to serve as a venue for study for dancers and choreographers and for the creation and performance of their early works, even through the years of World War II. In 1977 the festival was moved to Durham, North Carolina, where is used the theaters and studios as its main venues, and since then the festival has been held every summer with a schedule of performances, schools, workshops and the AF Awards. In 1984 and 1986, satellite “mini-ADF” festivals have been held in Tokyo and others in S. Korea and Russia.
+American Dance Festival
Venues: Bryan Center Page Auditorium, Reynolds Theater and Sheafer Theater, etc., of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina
Dates: June 5 to July 20, 2008