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Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) participants signing up (Mar. 4-7, 2009)
      Major programs and participants have been announced for the Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) 2009 which will run over the four days of March 4 to 7 as an arts market featuring theater, dance, music and other forms. Along with the Market’s usual booth presentations, visual presentations and international showcases, a concurrent ’TPAM Showcases” program will present performances and studio showings around the Tokyo area from Feb. 28 to Mar. 8. Also scheduled to correspond with the Market’s run will be a contemporary dance showcase and presentation schedule that will give visitors the opportunity to see the artistic activities and expression of many artists.
+Overseas Guests
Korea Arts Management Service / Performing Arts Market in Seoul, South Korea
CINARS, Canada
Dance Info Finland, Finland
Presidance Company, Hungary
Belarus Free Theatre, Republic of Belarus
Mancopy © Dance Company, Denmark
Teatro linea de sombra / Embassy of Mexico
*Besides these, there will be domestic Japanese theater-related booths. For details see the TPAM website.
+TPAM Showcases
Pappa TARAHUMARAThree Sisters
Atelier El Sur – Shino (Poetic Brain) Live
BATIK – another BATIK – Babylon no Oka ni Iku (Going to the Hills of Babylon)
ICiT – Independent Choreographers Tokyo – ICiT Dance Showcase 2009
An Creative – Tokyo Dance Market 2009
aki nagatani & danscapes – Ore ni mo Sex wo (Sex for Me Too)
NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) – Odori ni Iku-ze!! “We’re Gonna Go Dancing!! Vol. 9” SPECIAL IN TOKYO
Chikanari Shukuka – Kokyu (Breath)
Leni-Basso – ElephantRose – no land –
Mademoiselle Cinema – Akai Hana, Shiroi Hana (Red Flower, White Flower)
* Besides these there will be TPAM Showcases in theater and music categories. For details see the following website.
+International Showcases
Kazuki Tomokawa
Kan Mikami
Megumi Kamimura
Yukio Suzuki
Natsuko Tezuka
Rotozaza (Portable Performance) – Etiquette (UK)
* Besides these there will be PAMS Showcases and Video Showcase of Performing Arts in Asia. For details see the following website.
+Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2009 (TPAM)