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53rd Kishida Kunio Drama Award goes to Ryuta Horai and Yukiko Motoya in a double awarding
      The Kishida Kunio Drama Award is known in Japan as the gateway to recognition for contemporary playwrights (organized by Hakusuisha). The winners of the 53rd Kishida Award are Ryuta Horai for his play Mahoroba and Yukiko Motoya for her play Shiawase saiko arigato maji de!.

    Ryuta Horai was born in January 1976 in Hyogo Pref. After graduating from the Butai Geijutsu Gakuin (Performing Arts Academy) he started the theater company Gekidan Modern Swimmers, for which he served as playwright and director, while also writing screenplays for television and noted movies. Mahoroba was written by Horai for the “Contemporaries” series (collaborations between playwrights of the new generation and directors of another generation) produced by the New National Theatre, Tokyo. Unlike his past plays which have primarily had plots involving groups of men, this time he takes up the subject of pregnancy and writes a play in which women talk through the night.

    Yukiko Motoya was born in July 1979 in Ishikawa Pref. In September 2000 she established the company Gekidan, Motoya Yukiko and has since been active as actress, playwright and director. At the same time she has drawn much attention as a novelist as well, being nominated for the prestigious Akutagawa Award and the Yukio Mishima Award. In 2006 she became the youngest playwright ever to win the Tsuruya Namboku Award for her play Distress. The play Shiawase saiko arigato maji de! ([I’m] Happy, [This is] Fantastic, Thank you, Really!) tells the story of a self-obsessed woman who creates great confusion by bursting into a house she happens to see and saying, “I’m your husband’s mistress. ” The ensuing developments reveal hidden forms of self-deceit in the home and society.
Kazuhiro Kato Mokudoku
Tanino Kuro Hoshikage no junior
Keishi Nagatsuka Sisters
Masayuki Hasumi Steroid
Ryuta Horai Mahoroba
Tomohiro Maekawa Omote to ura to, sono mukou
Shu Matsui Kazoku no shozo
Yukiko Motoya Shiawase saiko arigato maji de!
Tokiko Yamaoka Chakuza suru kobu

Judges: Hisashi Inoue, Ryo Iwamatsu, Shoji Kokami, Yoji Sakate, Ai Nagai, Hideki Noda, Akio Miyazawa
+The Kishida Kunio Drama Award