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14th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize goes to Kazuko Nakayama for Shibire Monogatari
      In the final judging of the 188 works submitted for the 14th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize, Kazuko Nakayama’s Shibire Monogatari was selected the winner.

    Shibire Monogatari is a play set in a remote town in the near future depicting events involving numerous people in the town in a theater-of-the-absurd style. Kazuko Nakayama, a native of Gumma Pref., is the leader of the theater company Shizukumachi. She is active as a playwright, director and actress and also writes scenarios for video works, children’s theater and music theater.

    Nakayama’s award winning plays and runner-up works are listed in the Collection of Leading New Playwright Works 2009 (Yushu Shinjin Gikyoku-shu 2009, Bronze Publishers).

Judges: Takeshi Kawamura, Shoji Kokami, Ren Saito, Yoji Sakate, Norihiko Tsukuda, Hideo Tsuchida, Kensuke Yokouchi