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Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 “Mixed Bathing World” offers experience of art and hot springs in Beppu (Apr. 11 to June 14, 2009)
Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009
    contemporary dance artists will create works while staying in Beppu and give performances of the works at different locations around the city, a “Wakuwaku Konyoku Aparto” (Exciting Mixed Bathing Apartments) project in which young artists will spend residencies in old apartments in the city and give live music performances at different venues around the harbor, at shrines and the like. This festival is also characterized by the large number of local and regional NPOs participating in its planning and operation. In collaboration with the NPO Hatto Onpaku, which each May organizes the Beppu tourist walk experience program Onpaku, there will also be events on the program that give visitors a deeper experience of this hot spring spa resort by actually walking the town and visiting interesting sights and spas.

Organizers: City of Beppu and Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 Committee
Support: Fukutake Foundation for the Promotion of Regional Culture, and others
General Producer: Jun’ya Yamaide (NPO BEPPU PROJECT)
General Director: Takashi Serizawa (P3 art and environment)
Cooperating Partners:
Art NPO Link
Japan Contemporary Dance Network (NPO)
Hatto Onpaku (NPO) and others
Festival office: BEPPU PROJECT
+Artists participating “Art Gate Cruise” (planned)
Adel Abdessemed
Hossein Golba
Michael Lin
Lani Maestro
Yinling of Joytoy
Jin-me Yoon
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
+Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009
Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 Committee office, BEPPU PROJECT
Minato Palette Beppu Kanko-ko 3rd Pier Terminal
Minato Palette 2fl. 9-1 Shiomi-cho, Beppu-shi, Oita 874-0918 Japan
Phone: +81-977-22-3560