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“Japanese Traditional Music Collection” of representative music from the prewar era reissued on CD with Japanese and English commentary
 In the years 1941 and ’42, before World War II enveloped the country, a five-volume collection of 60 SP records (120 sides) was issued as a panorama of Japanese music to be preserved for posterity. This collection was produced by the predecessor of the Japan Foundation, the Society for International Cultural Relations, with the music selected by the musicologists Hisao Tanabe and Yoshiaki Machida and ranging widely from gagaku court music, shomyo religious music, Noh music, hayashi music performed by biwa lute, shakuhachi flute, koto harp and shamisen, lullabies, children’s songs and folk songs. Because the collection was issued on a non-commercial basis originally, only a few sets of this highly important resource preserving the history of Japanese music are preserved in Japan today. One of the extant sets, that in the collection of the American music producer Allen Evans was reissued in CD form under the title “Japanese Traditional Music.” Now this CD collection is available with commentary by Prof. Naoko Terauchi of the Kobe University Graduate School of International Cultural Research in Japanese and English translation.
+Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku – Buddhist Chant – Japan 1941