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Theater Olympics Toga/SCOT Summer Season 2009 opens (Aug. 15 – 30, 2009)
 The program for SCOT Summer Season 2009 will include the performance of a new work titled Haisha Nagaya no Kachikachi-Yama by SCOT, which returns to stage activated led by Tadashi Suzuki, and a four-country collaborative production of King Lear. Furthermore, this year’s Summer Season will be held in conjunction with the Theatre Olympics Toga 2009 through a cooperative effort with the Theatre Olympics International Committee.

The program of the Theater Olympics will feature a production of Ajax the International Committee Chairman Theodoros Terzopoulos’ Attis Theatre, a production of Nine Hills One Valley by the Chorus Repertory Theatre of Indian director Ratan Thiyam and the Fattore K (Italy) production of Tra la Terra e il Cielo (Between the Earth and the Heaven) which is a masterpiece of director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, known for his skillful use of video and lighting. Other invited productions include the Frank Theatre (Australia) production of The Reckoning of Badengood, a production of Romeo and Juliet by South Korea’s Mokwha Repertory Company and Waiting for Godot by the Sanwoollim Theatre Company. The performances of Ajax and Nine Hills One Valley will also be the maiden performances at the newly built Toga Rock Theatre in the Toga Arts Park.

There will also be a sequel of the ongoing “How to View the Present” symposium inviting specialists from the cultural, political and economic worlds. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Toga Thespian Competition (name changed from the Toga Directors’ Competition in 2008) there will be performances of works by former winners.

Festival Outline:
In 1976, Tadashi Suzuki’s company SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga, the former Waseda Shogekijo) moved its base to the village of Toga in Toyama and opened the Toga Theatre in an A-frame building and has held performances there every summer since.
  In 1982, using the Toga Theatre and the ancient Greek theater style Toga Open Air Theatre (designed by Arata Isozaki), the Toga Festival was held as Japan’s first international theater festival. In addition to performances by SCOT, Tenkei Gekijo, Tenjo Sajiki and others, important figures in the international theater world such as Robert Wilson and Tadeusz Kantor were invited to perform. Since then it has continued to gather some of the world’s leading artists and have great influence on the domestic and international theater scenes. Since 2008, the SCOT Summer Season has presented SCOT productions and invited theater companies from Japan and abroad to participate in international collaborative projects.
+SCOT Summer Season 2009/ Theatre Olympics Toga
Dates: Aug. 15 – 30, 2009
Venue: Toga Art Park of Toyama Prefecture