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Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009 Program Announced (Sept. 18 – Oct. 8, 2009)
 Now in its 4th holding, Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009 has been organized with the theme of “infinite moments” and will present a program featuring 18 artists and companies from 11 countries, including the Israel-based choreographer Yasmeen Godder and the French choreographer Frank Micheletti, who has a rich and varied background ranging from theater to circus. In addition to the performances, a rich program of dance-related events has been prepared, including dance workshops, free dance showcases at the first floor space of the Spiral Building on Aoyama Dori avenue, a dance film series at Theater Image Forum and talks and a Condors event at the main store of the Aoyama Book Center. Below is a list of the participating artists and companies and the works they will perform.

Festival Outline:
After its start as a dance biennale in 2002, the festival was re-launched as a triennale in 2006. This is one of Japan’s foremost dance festivals, created by an alliance of theaters in the Aoyama district of Tokyo for the purpose of bringing leaders of the domestic and international dance scenes to perform in Aoyama. The aim of the festival is to raise the level of appreciation of dance and the performing arts in Japan and introduce their appeal and joy to a wider audience. In addition to performances, the festival’s program includes workshops, showings of dance-related film/video, lectures, talk events and the like.
• Eeva Muilu [Finland], Sold Out (2007)
• Yasmeen Godder [Israel], Singular Sensation (2008)
• Maki Morishita [Japan], Koma-Inu-Illutsky (2009/2008 “MAKI-NO-UZU-MAKI” re-creation ver.)
• Michèle Noiret, Compagnie Michèle Noiret [Belgium], Chambre blanche (2006)
• TRIAL × 4:
  Masaharu Imazu [Japan], still life; Saiko Kino [Japan], IchI
  Jae-duk Kim [Korea], Darkness PoomBa; Ayako Hamaguchi [Japan], 15 seconds
• Eszter Salamon [Germany], Dance#1/Driftworks (2008)
• Hee-jin Kim, MOM Compagnie [Korea], Memory Cell (2006)
• Frank Micheletti, Kubilai Khan Investigations [France], Espaço contratempo
Ikuyo Kuroda, BATIK [Japan], Arrow and Chain (2009)
• TalDans Company, Mustafa Kaplan - Filiz Sizanli [Turkey], DOLAP (2000)
Yukio Suzuki, KINGYO [Japan], I am not jealous of dog’s vein (2006)
• Ginette Laurin, O Vertigo [Canada,Quebec], La Vie qui bat (1999/2009 re-creation)
• Gilles Jobin, Compagnie Gilles Jobin [Switzerland], Black Swan (2009)
• Megumi Nakamura, Dance Sanga [Japan], ROSE WINDOW
• Anouk van Dijk, anoukvandijk dc [the Netherlands], STAU (2006)
+Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009
Dates: Sept. 18 – Oct. 8, 2009
Venues: Aoyama Theatre, Aoyama Round Theatre
Spiral Hall
Theatre Image Forum (Japanese only)
Aoyama Book Center Main Store (Japanese only)