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Hideki Noda named Artistic Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space; inaugural program starts
 In the course of consultations related to Tokyo’s bid to become a “World Capital of Culture,” the Tokyo Council for the Arts judged that the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, which until that time had been operated as a rental theater, should be re-oriented as a center for the promotion of creative activities. As part of that decision a new post of artistic director was established as a central figure to promote this plan, and in July 2009 Hideki Noda was officially assumed that post. The tentative tenure for this post is until March 2011. This is due to the fact that the theater, which opened in 1990, is scheduled to undergo large-scale renovation over a year beginning in April 2011.
 To begin a program celebrating the start of Noda’s term as artistic director in July, the first Japan appearance by the British theater company Propeller led by Edward Hall, an acquaintance from Noda’s period of study in the UK, and Noda himself will direct and star in a Japanese version The Diver. The program will be followed by the theater’s acclaimed “Geigeki eyes” series for young theater people (Hi-bye, Gotanda-dan, Gring, Fujiyama Annette, Modern Swimmers) and Noda’s new project of the international collaboration series that has continued for approximately ten years. Noda comments that his primary initial aim is “to get as many people as possible to know that there is a theater here and if people come they will see interesting things.”

Born in 1955, Noda launched a theater group named Yume no Yuminsha while still a law under-graduated at Tokyo University in 1976. In the 1980s Noda became a leading figure in Japan’s theater world as a writer, director and actor. After his company’s dissolution in 1992, Noda studied in the UK for a year before establishing the company NODA MAP from which he has continued to present a series of acclaimed productions as writer and director. His period of study in the UK has led Noda to undertake a growing number of collaborative productions involving the UK and Asia, including Akaoni, The Bee and The Diver to high acclaim. Noda is the winner of numerous awards in the theater world. Since April, 2008, he also serves as a professor of Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts at the Tama Art University.
+Upcoming Artistic Director Inaugural Program
(Co-produced by Bangkok Theatre Network and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space)
Akaoni (Red Demon)
Text by Hideki Noda
Adapted and directed by Pradit Prasartthong
Performed by Makhampom Theatre Group
Dates: Nov. 19 – 22, 2009
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Mini Theatre 2

Nogyo Shojo (Agriculture Girl)
Text by Hideki Noda
Adapted and directed by Nikon Saetang
Performed by the Bangkok Theatre Network
Dates: Nov. 20 – 23, 2009
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Mini Theatre 1
Bangkok Theater Network is a drama network formed in 1997 on the occasion of the members’ participation in Noda’s Akaoni. Centered around 12 directors who each form teams for the respective productions in a “likey” style.
+Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space