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Documents of the Kanze school of Noh including a handwritten book by Zeami now on the Web
 The foundation Kanze Bunko (founded 1991) has posted contents from its valuable Kanze Archive of documents belonging to the Kanze school of Noh from October 2009.
 This is the fruit of a project that began in 2003 at the request of Kanze Bunko for a team of researchers led by Prof. Shinpei Matsuoka of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to survey documents concerning Noh theater from the Muromachi Period and digitalize it to create a database. This Web posting included some 6,000 documents and Flash video clips including many documents rarely shown to the public before, such a handwritten book by Zeami, making it possible to view page after page of the history of Noh theater.
 Presently there are some documents that are not being posted for public view, but the possibility of posting these is being considered (Noh chants and general publications of the modern period have not been digitalized). Also bibliographical information is still being researched and will be posted, revised and supplement as research proceeds.
 A special exhibition titled “The Kanze School Archive – The World of Handwritten Books of Zeami and Noh Texts” was held until Nov. 29 at the Komaba Museum of the Komaba campus of Tokyo University along with a program of seminars by Kiyokazu Kanze, the 26th Grand Master of Kanze school who cooperated in the research, and related researchers and gallery talks. For details about exhibition information, the database, use of visuals and copyrights, refer to the websites below.
+Kanze Archive (Japanese only)
Special exhibition “The Kanze School Archive – The World of Handwritten Books of Zeami and Noh Texts” at the Komaba Museum (Japanese only)
Kanze Bunko/Kanze-kai (Japanese only)