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37th Hong Kong Arts Festival held (Feb. 6 to Mar. 8, 2009)
      The Hong Kong Arts Festival, known as one of Asia’s largest scale performing arts festivals, is being held for the 37th time this year (2009). In addition to representatives from Hong Kong and Mainland China, there will be a total of 37 companies and orchestras from around the world performing over 150 works of music, ballet, theater and dance.

    As in years past, there will be an especially full program of music. In addition to internationally renowned orchestras including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Britain’s Northern Sinfonia and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, there will be performances of chamber music and jazz, and a special program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Bossa nova. From Japan, there will be a performance by Lisa Ono.

    Other varied programs will include a Beijing Opera extravaganza with collaborations by companies from Shanghai and Beijing and a new multi-media work by Danny Yung, Artistic Director of the Hong Kong art group Zuni Icosahedron, working with a number of traditional Asian artists.

    As a new effort by the festival in the field of contemporary dance, there will be a showcase of young choreographer/dancers active in Asia titled The Asia Pacific Dance Platform. With the aim of nurturing a contemporary dance audience in Hong Kong, there will be simultaneous workshops and discussions for students. Participating in these showcases from Japan will be 2008 Toyota Choreographer Award winner Yukio Suzuki, and from China will appear Wen Hui, who was featured in this website’s Presenter Interview section.

    The total budget for the 2009 festival will exceed last year’s at HK$ 78,000,000 (approx. 880 million yen/US$ 10 million). This includes 18,650,000 HKD from The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong, 8 million HKD from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, 16,600,000 HKD from sponsorships and donations and an expected 32 million HKD from ticket sales.

Hong Kong Arts Festival
As one of Asia’s largest performing arts festivals, Hong Kong Arts Festival is held over a roughly one-month period each year beginning in February just after the traditional Chinese New Year. Prominent figures in Hong Kong society gathered in 1972 to form the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Ltd. The first festival was held the following year, and in the more than three decades since, the festival has continued to present outstanding programs of domestic and foreign performing arts. The festival operates largely with financial support from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the District of Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. In addition to richly varied programs of opera, classical music, jazz, world music, theater, musicals, dance and exhibitions, there is also a full schedule of workshops for young people and educational programs.
+Hong Kong Arts Festival
Dates: Feb. 6 - Mar. 8, 2009
Venues: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Lyric Theatre, etc.