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Festival of Japanese alternative art in Nimes, France (Mar. 24-28, 2009)
 “L’EXPERIENCE JAPONAISE 2009 – Nimes Biennial” is a festival started in 2007 as an outgrowth of the French recording company and artistic agency SONORE’s discoveries of Japanese contemporary artists. As a biennale it is held once every two years, with the second holding scheduled to run from March 24 to 28. SONORE, in cooperation with the Theatre of Nimes will present performances by 18 groups of cutting-edge Japanese music, contemporary dance and performance. The performers include a unique lineup of artist from a number of genre, such as Kentaro!!, Yoko Higashino ’s group BABY-Q, ASA-CHANG&Junray, CHIMIDORO, Kan Mikami, YMCK and more.
+L'EXPERIENCE JAPONAISE 2009 – Nimes Biennial
Dates: Mar. 24-28, 2009