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Venice Biennale Dance section launches workshop project (from Mar. 30, 2009)
 The Venice Biennale has long been known as one of the world’s leading art festivals (established 1895). This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Biennale Dance section in 1999, and its program for this year’s festival will begin of March 30 at Venice’s Teatro delle Tese and other venues.

The Dance section’s artistic director since 2005, the Brazilian-born dancer and choreographer Ismael Ivo, will serve as director. Known also for his collaboration with butoh artist Ushio Amagatsu, Ivo presented in 2007 a “Focus on Japanese New Dance” program introducing the latest developments in the Japanese contemporary dance scene with a slate of artists including Ikuyo Kuroda’s BATIK company, Takao Kawaguchi, Kaiji Moriyama and others. This year, the Dance section celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching a new three-year program called the Degree Zero project directed by Ismael Ivo and focusing on the future of dance and the nurturing of young dancers. Under this program a new “Arsenale della Danza” pilot project has begun, using Biennale facilities for intensive workshops for the education of contemporary dance artists and assisting them in the creation of works.

This year’s project will run from March 30 to June 30 with daily sessions run by invited masters active primarily in Europe to prepare attendees to implement ideas, images and visions of the performer’s art. There will be seven master classes and a variety of lectures and workshops during the three-month period. The final stage of the project will involve the holding of “international dance academy” in cooperation with various dancer training centers and schools. Also, performances of a new work the British choreographer Michael Clark is planned (June 26-27).

The completion of this three-month program will mark the full-fledge start of the long-term program. Twenty dancers will be chosen from around the world to participate in a program beginning with basic training and going on to a full curriculum of education aim at nurturing dance artists of the next generation. This program will continue until 2011.
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