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German-language introduction to Japanese theater, Theater in Japan published (Feb. 2009)
Theater in Japan
A book titled Theater in Japan introducing a broad cross-section of contemporary Japanese theater in German has been published by Theater der Zeit. In scope, the book begins with Japan’s New Theater (Shingeki) movement of the early years of the 20th century and covers the Underground (Angura) movement and small-theater scene since the 1960s, as well as contemporary dance developments, examples of international collaborative productions and the influence of Japanese youth culture on contemporary theater. Edited by Prof. Hans-Thies Lehmann of Frankfurt University and Prof. Eiichiro Hirata of Japan’s Keio University, the book features essays by numerous researchers and critics in the field. Grants for publication for this book were provided by the Japan Foundation.

For details and purchasing information about this book, please refer to the Theater der Zeit website below (German only)
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