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Program for Berlin’s international dance festival Tanz im August (Aug. 14 – 30, 2009)
 Now in its 21st holding, this year’s 21 Tanz im August presents a program of 34, of which 20 are German premieres. A theme of this year’s festival is the acoustic experience of dance which will be explored in works that make unique use of music, the relationship between choreography and acoustic elements, narrative qualities and dance forms like Flamenco and tap dance where the dance itself has an immediate acoustic aspect.

The program includes an unusual piece for Rosas choreographed for nine male and one female dancer title The Song, work by Thomas Hauert/ZOO titled Accords that was also performed at the Yokohama Dance Collection festival and explores the relationship between dance and music, a work titled Empire (Art & Politics) by the French/Austrian collective SUPERAMAS that begins with the supposed reconstruction of a Napoleonic battle in Austria in a play within a play style, a movement, video and soundscape fusion by Par B.L.eux (Benoît Lachambre, Louise Lecavalier, Laurent Goldring and Hahn Rowe) titled Is You Me, a piece titled Solo in which Israel Galván explores new possibilities in Flamenco without musicians and singers, using his body as his sole instrument, and a collaboration by the avant-garde musician Arto Lindsay and former Frankfurt Ballet dancer Richard Siegal titled Muscle. There will also be a reinterpretation of Anna Halprin’s 1965 work Parades & Changes performed by Anne Collod under the title Parades & Changes, Replays.
+Tanz im August
Dates: Aug. 14 – 30, 2009
Venues: HAU, others