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Edinburgh Showcase 2009 program announced (Aug. 22 – 29, 2009)
 The Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe together constitute a platform “Edinburgh Showcase” for introducing invited performing artists of Great Britain to presenters and other performing arts professionals. Held every other year since their launch in 1997, this year marks their 6th holding. Over 250 presenters, theater and festival directors from 50 countries are participating this year. By paying a registration fee (£250) you can see up to 20 performances free, regardless of ticket prices, as well as attending networking meetings and other programs.

Concerning the Fringe program, which features so many performances that it is impossible to see them all, the British Council selects a Showcase program of works from among the large number available and festival participants basically choose what they want to see from this program. However, if there are works other than those on the selected program that you wish to see and they are British works, it is possible to substitute them for works on the Fringe or Festival in your 20 choices. Although the platform is relatively long at six days, it is still not long enough to see all one might like considering the fact that there are two festival programs involved. Recommended productions from the last festivals in 2007 including Tim Crouch’s England, Rotozaza’s Etiquette and Ray Lee’s Siren, have been invited the following year or the year after to festivals including the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Under the Radar, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and the International Showcase of the Tokyo Performing Arts Market.

On the 2009 lineup, along with the 31 works in the live art/installation works (with participation by the Japanese animator Joji Koyama in the new work Guruguru by Rotozaza, which presented Etiquette in Japan), new writing/text-based works, physical/visual theatre works, music theatre, improvisational “devised theatre” and outdoor/street theatre works, there will also be three events prepared by the Edinburgh dance center, DanceBase. For details access the URL below.
+Edinburgh Showcase 2009
Dates: Aug. 22 – 29, 2009