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Yukio Shiba’s Wagahoshi (Our Planet) wins 54th Kishida Drama Award
 On February 8th, Yukio Shiba’s Wagahoshi (Our Planet) was chosen winner of the 54th Kishida Kunio Drama Award. This play premiered in October 2009 at the Mitaka City Arts Center in Tokyo in a production directed by Shiba himself. It is a rap musical depicting the birth and death of the planet Earth told through the life story of a girl from an ordinary family. The Award’s 7-member judging committee included Hisashi Inoue, Ryo Iwamatsu, Shoji Kokami, Yoji Skate, Ai Nagai, Hideki Noda, Akio Miyazawa. In one of the judge’s statements, Ai Nagai said, “Shiba’s play Wagahoshi reminds us once again that a play is a construction built of words. I welcome the engineer who designed the means for us to travel between the Earth and outer space this way.” The other finalist candidates were Junko Emoto’s Sexy Driver, Yudai Kamisato’s Haircut-san, Moegi Nogi’s Gonin no Shitsuji (Five Butlers), Mitsunori Fukuhara’s Sono Yoake, Uso (That Dawn, a Lie), Tomohiro Maekawa’s Miezarumono no Ikinokori (Survivors among the Invisible Ones), and Shu Matsui’s That Man’s World.