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Annual dance community forum “We dance” held
 We dance is an annual dance community forum organized for the purpose of stimulating the contemporary dance scene by the Offsite Dance Project, a gathering of freelance producers, staff and artists formed in 2008 (registered as a non-profit organization in 2009). This year, in its second holding, the program was put together with active participation by the artists from the planning stage with a set of key concept phrases including “Individuality in Dance,” “Exchange and discourse through physical expression” and “Dance and historical sites.” Making full use of the nine conference halls and lecture halls at the Yokohama City Kaikokinen Kaikan, a total of around 70 groups and individuals of artists participated in a variety of performances, exhibitions, discussions, etc., that approached dance from a range of different perspectives. The audience/spectators could walk freely from room to room to observe the events and performances.

The participating artists were Tsuyoshi Shirai, Chie Ito, Natsuko Tezuka, Kitamari, Ayumu Kawasaki, Christophe Charles, Shinichi Takashima, Minoru Ide, Yosuke Ishida, Makura-to-jyoro, Mika Arashiki, Kyoko Kuroda, Un Yamada, Yukio Suzuki, Setsuko Yamada, KENTARO!!, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Taku Unami, Pijin Neji, Arata Takagi, Daisuke Kishii, OORUTAICHI, Kakuya Ohashi, Yusuke Oba, Yuka Kuge, Kaho Kogure, Kimiya Sato, Yosikuni Shimizu, Chieco Takasuka, Kohei Takahashi, William Tokuhisa, Yukiko Nishii, Moemi Yahagi, Yamaga Zakuro, Masaaki Aikawa and others. For program details refer to the We dance website at

In the HAL.MASALA café set up in room No. 2, a variety of “café talks” were scheduled.
Also, the Steep Slope Studio provided a roughly one-month space grant for rehearsal space. The pre-festival project “Workshop Trial and Exchange” was held from Jan. 9-31 (facilitators: Taku Unami, Megumi Kamimura, Kitamari, Mika Kurosawa, KENTARO!!, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Shinichi Takashima, Naomi Takano, Natsuko Tezuka, Mikuni Yanaihara).
+We Dacce
Dates: Feb. 13 – 14, 2010
Venue: Yokohama City Kaikokinen Kaikan