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Jul. 28, 2010
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Festival/Tokyo (F/T) 2010 Program Announcement as of July 2010
 Now to be held for the 3rd time, following Spring and Autumn festivals in 2009, the 3rd international performing arts festival “Festival/Tokyo (F/T) 2010” announces its preliminary program line-up of.

Highlighting the works from Japan is a new work set to the music of the contemporary composer Ligeti by Saburo Teshigawara, the internationally renowned dancer and director who has also won high acclaim recently for his art and video creations. Another new work in contemporary dance will be presented by Ikuyo Kuroda with the title Akari no Tomoru Kagami no Kuzu (Shining fragments of mirror).

As an international collaboration, Shiro Takatani of dumb type and the sculptor of mist, Fujiko Nakaya, join in the Asian premiere of the work This is how you will disappear (tentative title) with the French female puppeteer Vienne Gisèle, an artist known for creating a unique artistic world employing puppets of her own creation. Also on the program will be an audience-participation play titled Public Domain (tentative title) by the Barcelona-based Spanish artist Roget Bernat, known for his explorations of the potential of performance in public places, and appearing for the first time in Japan, the post-drama theater master Christoph Marthaler will present a production of Riesenbutzbach with stage art by Anna Viebrock, an stage artist who has also served as director at the Paris Opera House in recent years.

This year’s festival will also see the start of the new “F/T Open Applicant Program” that will provide a wide range of promising artists of the next generation to apply for support in staging their own productions. There are numerous companies from around the country scheduled to participate. More announcements will be made as additional performances are confirmed. For details see the F/T homepage.
+F/T Performances (invited works)
KARAS new work (title undecided)
Direction, art, lighting, costumes, music selection: Saburo Teshigawara
This Is How You Will Disappear (tentative title)
Composition, direction, choreography, stage art: Vienne Gisèle (France) / Video: Shiro Takatani / Mist sculpture: Fujiko Nakaya / Text: Dennis Cooper
Public Domain (tentative title)
Director: Roget Bernat (Spain)
Riesenbutzbach (tentative translation: Giant Butzbach Village)
Director: Christoph Marthaler (Switzerland) / Stage art: Anna Viebrock (Germany)
Port B new work (title undecided)
Composition, direction: Akira Takayama
Akari no Tomoru Kagami no Kuzu (Shining fragments of mirror)
Choreography, direction: Ikuyo Kuroda
Gotanda-dan new work (title undecided)
Written and directed by Shiro Maeda
Marebito no Kai new work (title undecided)
Written and directed by Masataka Matsuda
Chiten new work (title undecided)
Director: Motoi Miura
And others
+Festival/Tokyo10 (F/T10)
Dates: Oct. 30 – Nov. 28, 2010
Venue: Tokyo Arts Theater (Middle Hall/Small Hall), Owlspot, Nishi-sugamo Arts Factory, Theatre Green, Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan, others