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Nov. 5. 2010
Japan Topics
The Third Edition of Festival/Tokyo (F/T) opens
 The 3rd Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is held from October 30 for 30 days. Including the 8 works in the newly launched “F/T Emerging Artists Program” and the 3 works co-presented by F/T, in total 26 works are staged 208 times. 9 works are produced or co-produced by F/T, and 5 works are world-premiered. The first performance in Japan by Christoph Marthaler, who was one of the two associate artists of Festival dfAvignon this year, is also drawing attention.

Following “Towards a new real” for the 1st edition and “Evolving real” for the 2nd, the keyword of the 3rd festival is “Disrobing theatre.” Through such approaches as postdramatic theatre, narrativity or anti-narrativity in Japanese “Little Theatre” scene, alternative forms of presentation that utilize urban structures or interactive performances, the festival reconsiders the possibility of theatre “disrobing” the preexisting notion of “theatre.” Detailed information of the program is here.
+Festival/Tokyo10 (F/T10)