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Dec. 6. 2010
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Kanagawa Arts Theatre to Open in Yokohama
 In January 2011, the new Kanagawa Arts Theatre will open in Naka Ward of Yokohama.
 Occupying a new facility jointly with the Yamashita-cho NHK Yokohama Broadcast Hall, the Theatre has a Main Hall with a seating capacity of 1,300 and large, mid- and small-sized studio spaces. The Theatre will be managed by the public Kanagawa Arts Foundation, along with the existing Kanagawa Kenmin Hall also located in Yamashita-cho. The Theatre’s mission will be to contribute to the creation and presentation of performing arts in the fields of musicals, theater and dance, etc., while also nurturing the next generation of performing arts and arts management professionals that support artistic creation. At the same time the Theatre will play a role in community development.

The first artistic director will be Amon Miyamoto, the well-known musical director whose production Pacific Overtures was performed on Broadway and nominated for four Tony Awards. Furthermore, ballet dancer Yasuyuki Shuto, chelfitsch’s Toshiki Okada and journalist Kyoko Iwaki are cooperating as “Creative Partners.” As a reflection of Miyamoto’s desire to make “literature” the theme of the Theatre, he has started a series of productions to bring Japanese literature to the stage. Leading off this series will be Buoy (starring Keishi Nagatsuka) by the playwright Juro Miyoshi, who began his career as a writer of the proletariat movement before WWII and continued to explore the Japanese identity in the postwar, and a production titled Kappa/Aru Shosetsu (directed by Motoi Miura), which is a collage based on works by the popular author Ryunosuke Akutagawa who committed suicide at the age of 36. Another production on the initial program is will be a Bunraku puppet theater work with stage art by the acclaimed contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.

On January 11, an opening ceremony will be held for the new Kanagawa Arts Theatre with 500 invited guests from Kanagawa Pref. This will be followed by the Theatre’s inaugural stage production, a theater adaptation of Yukio Mishima’s novel Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) (a work depicting the events leading up to the burning of the Golden Pavilion by a novice priest in training) directed by Amon Miyamoto and running from January 29 to February 14.
+The Kanagawa Arts Theatre official website (presently Japanese only)