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“2010 Seoul Arts Support Fair” held for first time
 On December 7, 2009, a “2010 Seoul Arts Support Fair” was held for first time in Seoul, South Korea, at the Seoul Municipal Museum of Art and the Kyunghee Palace Hall. By holding this fair, the city of Seoul aims to provide a platform for organizations supporting the arts to meet the artists directly, network and exchange information. The result was an active dissemination of information about arts support programs and the trends in the field.

A year and nine months after the latest change in administration, South Korean society continues to undergo reforms in a variety of areas, including the arts and culture field. Despite the confusion resulting from some of the changes, the recent “2010 Seoul Arts Support Fair” succeeded in bringing together all related parties, from national and local government to private sector foundations supporting the arts, and provided an opportunity to gain new perspective on the direction arts policy is taking and the outlook for support of the arts. Plans call for this Seoul Arts Support Fair to be held on a regular basis from next year onward.