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Korea Arts Management Service launches new website
 The Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) has launched a new website in Korean and English at With the aims of increasing the presence of Korean performing arts on the international scene and helping in the building a network for performing arts professionals.

The site introduces current trends in Korean performing arts and news about the overseas performances of Korean companies, as well as posting variety of information such as reports and videos from related forums and interviews with performing arts professionals presently active on the international scene.

The English database includes a growing directory of:
-Organizations supporting overseas performances by Korean artists
-Performing arts companies with achievements in international projects and international festival participation
-South Korean theaters and arts centers with achievements in inviting foreign works to Korea
-International festivals held in South Korea
-Information about the representatives of leading Korean presenters and support organizations.
The site’s “Program Bank” section contains information about Korean works with a history of overseas performance, categorized by genre (theater, music, dance, multidisciplinary arts).

Conversely, the Korean pages of the site will contain information relevant for Korean companies seeking to perform overseas, such as information about overseas festivals, overseas arts support organizations and overseas companies with a history of performing in South Korea. The site also provides a consulting service to answer inquiries, both domestic and international.