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Aug. 4, 2010
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Zurcher Theater Spektakel opens (Aug. 19 – Sep. 5, 2010)
 In 2010, chelfitsch, faifai and Niwa Gekidan Penino from Japan participate in the festival. Overseas-based Japanese artists such as Michikazu Matsune/Matsune & Subal (outdoor installation and performance) and Tim & Puma Mimi (concert) are also in the programs. Among them, faifai and Niwa Gekidan Penino are nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize (other nominees are Jecko Siompo, Pichet Klunchun, Tabea Martin & Matthias Mooij, and Marcela Levi). The following are the programs for theatre, dance and performance. There is an emphasis this time on inviting artists of East and Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, and actively involving international collaborative projects by Swiss companies.

Jecko Siompo & JeckoSDANCE (Indonesia), Terima Kos
Savion Glover (USA), Bare Soundz
Kopergietery (Belgium), Rennen
Pichet Klunchun Dance Company (Thailand), Nijinsky Siam
Marcela Levi (Brazil), around the hole everything is edge
Eugénie Rebetez (Switzerland), Gina
Boyzie Cekwana (South Africa), On the 12th night of never, I will not be held black

Theatre & Performance
Robyn Orlin City Theater & Dance Group (South Africa), Daddy, I've seen this piece six times before and I still don't know why they're hurting each other
Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke & les ballets C de la B (Belgium), Gardenia
Enrique Diaz, Cristina Moura & Coletivo Improviso (Brazil), otro (or) weknowitsallornothing
Wang Jianwei (China), Welcome you to the true desert
Tabea Martin & Matthias Mooij (Switzerland/Netherlands), sofort geniessen
Ntando Cele (South Africa), Cypher Session
faifai (Japan), My name is I love you
Zachary Oberzan (USA), Your brother. Remember?
Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria/Belgium), Som Faves

KVS Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Belgium), Mission
Ueli Bichsel & Silvana Gargiulo (Switzerland/Italy), Record
Toshiki Okada & chelfitsch (Japan), Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech
Mass & Fieber (Switzerland), Geld und Gott
Fabrice Gorgerat & Cie. Jours tranquilles (Switzerland/Ivory Coast/Burkina Faso), Poiscaille Paradis (cel. 827 63 53)
Niwa Gekidan Penino (Japan), Frustrating Picture Book for Adults
Mapa Teatro (Colombia/Switzerland), Los santos inocentes
Neville Tranter (Netherlands), Punch & Judy in Afghanistan
400asa & Peng Hao Theater (Switzerland/China), La cérémonie—Eine Geisterbahn

In addition, a nouveau cirque program, a program for children and families, outdoor events, concerts, round tables and video screenings are held as well.

[Festival outline]
Founded in 1980 as an annual international meeting of independent theatre groups, the Zurcher Theater Spektakel quickly evolved into a cultural event of international appeal. Today it ranks among the most important European festivals for the contemporary performing arts. This success story has been based on consistent and artistically outstanding programming, a unique atmosphere and the large, engaged and open-minded audience. For over 25 years these ingredients have made the Theater Spektakel a popular venue for both renowned and upcoming theatre and dance companies from all over the world. The festival is spread over 18 days in late August at the Landiwiese. This superb, park-like site, located directly on the shores of Lake Zurich, provides various different sized venues. These include a covered lakeside open-air stage and a shipyard offering undreamt-of spatial possibilities.
 The festival’s “ZKB Patronage Prize,” which was established for the purpose of long-term contribution to culture, annually awards 30,000 Swiss francs to a young artist or company to support their future creative activities. The awardees in the past include Stefan Pucher, 400asa, Marco Berrettini, Sarah Michelson, Living Dance Studio and Young Jean Lee.
+Zurcher Theater Spektakel
Dates: Aug. 19 – Sep. 5, 2010
Venue: Rote Fabrik, etc.