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Oct. 22, 2010
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Faifai’s My name is I love you won the “ZKB Patronage Prize 2010” by Zurcher Theater Spektakel
 Zurcher Theater Spektakel, the international performing arts festival of Switzerland, gave its annual award for a new artist or company called "ZKB Patronage Prize" to faifai's My name is I love you. 30,000 Swiss francs is given to the awardee to support their future creative activities. The awardees in the past include Stefan Pucher, 400asa, Marco Berrettini, Sarah Michelson, Living Dance Studio and Young Jean Lee, and faifai is the first Japanese artist that won the award.

The criteria were "that the work was to create a unique world on stage and that the prize be awarded to a company whose performance shows the potential for development and the successful search for a unique theatrical expression," and the following is the statement of the jury:
"My name is I love you is an expressive rendering of everyday life in a high-tech and capitalized world and represents an experimental, fast, lighthearted and exciting form of storytelling. In a transdisciplinary and refreshing way, the company mixes art forms such as comic, body language and video art. The pop esthetic sensory stimuli on stage reflect the glitzy life style of a young high tech generation in the urban jungle of Tokyo. Therein, the subjects define themselves through a consumer-oriented life style which equates money with love. faifai plays with the fascination and perversion of an achievement-oriented society and skillfully transforms it into a stylized, humorous and typified performance. Half human, half robot, the performers appear like marionettes reflecting the absurdity of the consumer world and the longing for love."

"ZKB Acknowledgement Prize" with 5,000 Swiss Francs was given to the Brazilian choreographer Marcela Levi.

The 2010 nominees and jury were,
The nominees:
Jecko Siompo & JeckoSDance (Indonesia): Terima Kos
faifai (Japan): My name is I love you
Niwagekidan Penino (Japan): Frustrating Picture Book for Adults
Tabea Martin & Matthias Mooij (Switzerland/Netherlands): sofort geniessen
Marcela Levi (Brazil): around the hole everything is edge
Pichet Klunchun Dance Company (Thailand): Nijinsky Siam
The jury:
Jetse Batelaan, theatre director, Rotterdam
Sandrine Kuster, actress, festival and theatre director, Lausanne
Hiromi Maruoka, producer and cultural manager, Tokyo
Simone Truong, choreographer and dancer, Zurich
Ariane von Graffenried, author, spoken word performer and theatre scientist, Bern.
+Zurcher Theater Spektakel