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Dec. 6, 2010
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Israeli dance festival/arts market “International Exposure“ opens
 This annual showcase of Israeli dance caters to professionals by providing the opportunity to view a large number of performances in a short period. Many presenters from around the world gather for the festival every year. The organizer and main venue is the Suzanne Dellel Centre, a production/education center as well as a performance venue established in 1989. Since then it has hosted some 600 cultural events and performances each year, which are attended by a total audience of over half a million visitors annually. In the process it has brought its audience over 850 premieres.

Aside from the International Exposure festival and arts market, a variety of projects are organized, including the “Shades of Dance” program for young emerging choreographers that provides them with guidance by a professional artistic director; the creation-support program “Curtains Up” founded jointly by the dance department of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Centre; a two-month festival of Israeli dance called “SummerDance, ” an event called “OtherDance” for smaller-scale creations that utilizes a smaller hall in the Centre, and many others. The Batsheva Dance Company, The Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth, and Inbal Dance Theater are all housed at the Centre.

The director Yair Valdi is a dancer/choreographer who was a member of the Batsheva Dance Company from 1967 and the Ballet Rambert in London from 1977. His choreography was awarded the Kinor David Prize in 1977. In 1983, he became a member of the board of directors of English Dance Theatre, and established Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne. He returned to Israel in 1988, where he is now a leading figure in development and promotion of Israeli contemporary dance.

The 2010 program of International Exposure features the artists and projects listed below, and in addition, “Curtain Up” performances (new works) and a Gaga workshop of dance technique developed by Ohad Naharin, the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company are also held. A work choreographed by a Japanese member of Batsheva Dance Company, Mami Shimazaki, is in this year’s program.

_ Batsheva Dance Company, Kir/Zina, Mamootot, BILL
_ Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, Toros
_ Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
_ Tomar Borer & Tamara Erde, ANA
_ Israeli Ballet, Mendelsshon Concerto, Harmonium
_ Hanoch Rosenn, SPEECHLESSI
_ Arkadi Zaides, Quiet
_ Dance Project (a collaboration between the Suzanne Dellal Centre and the Tel Aviv Opera)
_ Yasmeen Godder (new work)
_ Maria Kong Dance Company, Miss Brazil
_ Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Company, Animal Lost
_ Renana Raz, YouMake, ReMake
_ Rachel Erdos, Ou
_ Yoram Karmi/Fresco Dance Company, Particle Accelerator
_ Dance Marathon #1 by Emerging Choreographers: Odelia Kuperberg, Cicushka
_ Idan Sharabi, Untitled
_ Nir Bel Gal & Liat Dror
_ Dance Marathon #2 by Emerging Choreographers: Mami Shimazaki, Loop People
_ Portal Dance Company, Gnaweya, Between Veiled and Unveiled
_ Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor Dance Projects, Big Mouth
_ Sahar Azimi Dance Company, UTF8
_ Kamea Dance Company, SRUL
_ Tami Dance Company, FLASH
_ Inbal Dance Company, Views
_ Maya Levy & Hanan Anando Mars, Net Work
_ Shlomit Fundaminski
+Zurcher Theater Spektakel
Dates: Dec. 8 to 12, 2010
Venue: Suzanne Dellal Centre