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Aug. 2, 2011
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Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs offers Artist in Residence Grants
The Agency for Cultural Affairs has established a new large-scale grant program to support artist-in-residence projects for foreign artists invited to Japan for residencies and creation of art works. The first application period ended July 8 (deadline for receiving application forms).
This grant program aims to provide strong support from the Japanese government for distinctive artist-in-residence projects being pursued around the country for the purpose of encouraging international cultural exchange that actively invites foreign artists who will be leaders in introducing foreign arts and culture and help create international art works and projects. There are no particular restrictions on the art genres involved and grants will be given in the areas of fine arts, media arts, design, craft, music, dance, theater and film, among others.
Grants will be awarded in the two categories of (1) artist-in-residence programs and (2) programs similar to or related to artist-in-residence activities. In category (1) grants of up to 5 million yen each are planned for approximately 20 programs. As a rule, continued grant support of up to 5 years is possible. In category (2) about six one-year grants of up to 10 million yen each are planned. Applications are accepted separately for the two categories. Corporate status is not required for applying organizations and volunteer organizations may also apply. Selections of grant recipients will be made in July 2011 and grant executions are expected to fall between Aug. 8, 2011 and Mar. 31, 2012. After application deadline, recipients will be chosen in July and notified of acceptance in early August.
In the case of category (1) artist-in-residence grants for inviting foreign artists to Japan to engage in artistic creation, the period of residence in Japan must be more than 30 days. In the case of residence-type research programs inviting foreign researchers or curators to Japan for research, the period of residence must be more than 20 days. Programs already begun before Aug. 8 that meet the above period requirements and other conditions will also be eligible for the grants.
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